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If you’ve been hesitating to jump into the Bosch 36V Litheon line because you’re wondering where they’re taking the line, your wait may be (almost) over.  At the IBS recently, Bosch announced a couple of 36V Litheon line additions, including this 6-1/2″ circ saw.  Hammerdrills aside, we may finally have a way to really compare all the high-voltage li-ion cordless systems — because nothing benefits from high-voltage battery power like a circ saw.

The new saw spins at 4,000 RPM, claims a 26% longer runtime than its closest competitor,  and features a 50-degree bevel capacity.  Keeping in mind why you’d want to cut the cord on your circ saw, Bosch thoughtfully added an integrated rafter hook.

You’ll recall that Bosch’s Litheon 36V line is home to their “Flexible Power System” (FPS) which gives you the option of using either a “SlimPack” 1.3 Ah battery or a 2.0 Ah “FatPack” — choosing between light weight or long runtime.  We’re guessing you’ll choose the FatPack for this application.

We’ll have pricing information on this for you when it gets closer to shelves.


4 Responses to Preview: Bosch’s 36V Circular Saw

  1. nrChris says:

    Very exciting. Ten years ago I could not have imagined a cordless circ saw at all. Five years ago I could not have imagined such a nice cordless circ saw. I guess in ten years we’ll be using wireless laser saws.

    The price on these is still out of my range as someone that does not make a living with my tools. For the time being, I can live a corded life.

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah I have to side with nrChris’ assessment of this tool. Great if you are a professional, but out of the reach of most of us for now. Also, I have a 6 1/2″ circular saw, and blade availability is nothing like for the 7 1/4″ models. Although I guess this being a cordless tool you need even rarer, no kerf, non-stick coated this that and the other thing blades for it too.

    While it is nice to see the boundries of tooling pushed further forward, ones needs to balance where they are in the pack.

  3. l_bilyk says:

    I like how bosch is keeping to a smaller 6 1/2 blade as opposed to dewalts 7 1/4. You wouldn’t think it’s a huge difference, but even with 36v the saws can still bog down if pushed

  4. Jason says:

    I just bought the 4 pack 36v and I’m extremely happy. I building a 16 x 12 shed using the drill and circ saw. Cuts 2 by 4, double layer of 1/2 ply board with no problems.

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