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Let’s face it: it’s pretty rare to see a really new power tool.  We’ve seen plenty of expanding the line (with everything from radios to vacuums) and lots of companies making bigger or smaller versions of what you’ve already got, but it looks like Makita’s taking a stab at something new with their “Hybrid(tm) 4-Function Impact Hammer-Driver-Drill.”

Let’s start by clearing the hype.  I’m not trying to desparage the tool in any way, but the Hybrid(tm) 4-Word Name definitely elicited a chuckle around our offices.  C’mon, Makita, the real “hybrid” here is the combination of an impact driver with a hammerdrill.  The professionals for whom you designed this tool know that.  And can you really trademark the word “hybrid?”  Should everyone from Toyota to Battlestar Galactica now cease and desist?

That said, this looks like it might be a great tool for fence and deck builders — or just about anyone who pre-drills before driving big fasteners.

In drill mode, you’ve got no-load RPMs of -700 in low mode and 0-2,300 in high with 15 clutch settings.  For more torque, you can add 0-2,300 or 0-2,700 BPM in hammerdrill mode.  Or for driving the big suckers, you can switch to impact mode to deliver 0-3,200 IPM (that’s “impacts” per minute) and up to 1,280 in-lbs of torque.

As a member of Makita’s every-growing LXT line, it ships with two 3.0 Ah li-ion batteries and a 45-minute charger — all in a plastic carry case.

One concern: Has anyone else had trouble using drill bits in quick release collets?  While a tiny bit of slop doesn’t really affect my use of a driver bit, it’s really hard to drill accurately if the drill moves at all.  Also, while I’ve got a 115-piece drill set, I don’t have many drills with the quick-connect fitting — a few, but not a lot.  Is this an issue for you as well?

It’s a bit pricey, too, streeting at around $400.

So what do you Toolmongers think?  Is this something you’d use?

18V LXT Hybrid 4-Function Impact-Hammer-Driver-Drill Kit [Makita]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What is this?]


7 Responses to Hot or Not? Makita’s Hybrid Impact Driver/Hammerdrill

  1. TimG says:

    A bit pricey? Maybe I’m a price-nazi but $400 is A LOT pricey. I guess there are people out there that will buy this.. but wow.

    I’m too poor for ‘cool tools’ I guess..


  2. nrChris says:

    For that kind of money you can buy decent standalone versions of each of the tools included in the hybrid–and the standalones are typically better at their function. The hybrid must be a jack of all trades, master of none. That being said, if the money is worth your convenience of not having to change tools, then it’d be hot. Not hot for me though.

  3. BJN says:

    I’d rather have what I already have. A 14.4 V Makita impact driver and a separate drill and my Makita impact tool is small and powerful. From what I’ve read about this hybrid tool the impact operation is weak.

  4. MikeR says:

    Even for the tool-only I’ve seen prices arounf $275, which seems like alot.

    I’ve got some LXT tools including the standard hammer drill and impact gun and did some concrete hammer drilling with them recently. The extra handle on the conventional hammer drill was nice to have and I think the smaller form factor of the impact style tool would make it more of a PITA.

    Cool idea, but in practice I’d lean towards Not. Though I’d like to hav one anyway 🙂

  5. MikeR says:

    One more thought, if I could get this in a combo kit vs the standard impact gun I’d take this. Sooner or later they should be available at a normal price in the combo kits.

  6. Paul says:

    $400? $400? $400? A bit pricy? A bit? Pricy! How can you be so cruel? I used to be a general contractor …

  7. l_bilyk says:

    Eventually these will come down in price

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