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DennisL sent us a heads-up about this product from Malco — an attachment that turns your 14.4V or larger cordless drill into a metal shear that can handle up to 18-gauge galvanized steel.  I’d imagine this would be pretty handy for an HVAC pro, leveraging an already-purchased coredless drill and eliminating a high-cost second tool all in one shot.

One advantage over a standard shear: You can reposition the TurboShear on the drill so it’s upside-down, which could be handy for tough-to-reach cuts.

Though some places want $100 or more for this, we found it for much less, starting at around $70 via Froogle and even $65 from Amazon.  It looks like some hardware stores (like DoItBest) carry it as well.

The TurboShear HD [Malco]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What’s this?]


7 Responses to Reader Finds: The TurboShear HD

  1. Chris S. says:

    thats pretty neat, I love accessories that make use of tools you already own

  2. nrChris says:

    That is really cool looking but I would have to see a hands-on review before moving on one, particularly where it is a tool that I never knew I even needed.

    If effective, and coupled with a Sawzall, you could be in demo heaven.

  3. willbone says:

    I have seen this for fiber cement! looks real handy so you are not dragging cords just for a good shear.

  4. Paul says:

    I have pneumatic shears and a nibbler. I think they both cost me $80. This thing looks pretty clumsey to me. If I was going to make the investment I think I’d go with electric shears. Kett is it, makes good ones?

    When the accessory costs more than the dedicated tool I have to favor the dedicated solution myself.

  5. Eric Corson says:

    I have had one for a couple of years but hardly ever use it. It does save my wrist when im tired, but I still use the hand shears for most work as it is much more precise. It is a good tool for the price, but first get good left and right aviation snips and big malco “andie” snips for straight cuts. Nibblers are also great to have.

  6. Nathan says:

    Our guys use this for cutting metal roofing. Its awesome. It goes over the ribs, cross cuts, and everything.

    Pays for itself in one job.

  7. sinner says:

    I have been installing residential and commercial HVAC for over ten years. I own a Makita power shear which is an awesome shear. An apprentice recently purchased one of these. Sceptical after using the older version without the brace. I was pleasantly and amazingly surprized. He runs it on a 14.4 Rigid and rips through spiral pipe like butter. Reducing cutting time in HVAC is crucial and this product does exactly that. Although one problem I encountered, when cutting a lenght of pipe to size the tool stretches the metal on the cu… not very pretty :(. As for cutting in take-offs or flat metal or I highly recommend picking one of these up if you are a professional installer or someone who just likes playing with metal.

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