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Dazrin writes: “These are the long-reach version of the Craftsman mini-pliers I saw here a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve found them to be much more useful than the mini-pliers themselves.  I own the Craftsman version — that no longer appears to be made — of the tools listed.  These from MAC seem spendy, but Amazon is a great reference.”

These indeed look quite useful, especially for tight automotive dash both inside the dash and under the hood. 

The set consists of five six” pliers: end cutter, bent long nose, diagonal, pointed long nose, and long needle nose.

We couldn’t find the set on MAC’s site — as pretty as the new site is, the search engine leaves a bit to be desired! — but Amazon sells ’em for $54.  That’s not incredibly pricey compared to Craftsman, especially when you consider this is a 5-piece set.  And if you’re looking for a set on the cheap, Froogle turned up a couple on eBay down in the sub-$40 range.

There’s also a 10-piece set on eBay right now for $110.

Street Pricing [Froogle]
Buy It Now from Amazon [What is this?]


14 Responses to Reader Finds: Long Reach Precision Pliers

  1. nrChris says:

    I don’t have a set of precisioin pliers, it is in the top five of my “to get” list. My question is this–is there any disadvantage to getting the long reach set as my one and only set? With something this size, I don’t think I’ll really lose out on precision or rigidity with length. Feedback would be appreciated–to me I would like to get one set, and if the long set does double duty well–then that is the set for me. Enlighten me, please.

  2. Paul says:

    nrChris Says:
    I don’t have a set of precisioin pliers, it is in the top five of my “to get” list. My question is this–is there any disadvantage to getting the long reach set as my one and only set?

    Well, the classic precision pliers are small, not long reach. Long reach pliers would have to be considered speciality tools, for when you need the capabilities that the extra reach would provide. Now I have a couple problems with just having a long reach set as someone’s only precision plier set. For the bulk, or even all of the work that is meant to be done with percision pliers I just don’t see awkward long pliers performing properly.

    The only long reach pliers that make any sense at all to me would be long reach needlenose, I suppose a blunt nose pair would be fairly handy sometimes too. Now I’m not saying that if this was the only set you had you wouldn’t use these all of the time. But I have several sets of precision pliers, and I have my favorites among them all, and I do not have any long reach precision pliers. Maybe if I was an aircraft mechanic or something these would be well worth it, but I am not so I don’t think they would be of much use to me. These are very special purpose tools.

    The very nature of precision work implies being close up to it. Requiring the maximum of dexterity that one can muster for the task at hand. I wouldn’t even call these precision pliers at all, to me they are obstruction pliers. Unless the name merely means that they are well made. Which if they are Mac tools I am sure that they are of high quality.

    As I said earlier I have a lot of precision pliers, because I have a lot of uses for them. Honestly I cannot imagine going through life without precision pliers. In my collection I have some of the very highest quality, and I have bottom of the barrel pairs of precision pliers too. And I’ll say it some of my favorites are some of the junkiest ones that I own. Because I am never shy of pressing them into service for any task that may come up that I have to accomplish. And some of my pliers that I call upon have met the challenges I have posed to them time and time again. Earning their respect from me over time. In short I’ve beat a few of them up pretty badly and they’ve always managed to come back for more. I like tools that I don’t feel the need to baby.

    What I am driving at over here nrChris is if you don’t own any precision pliers a cheap $1 a pair set could serve you very well. I have bought several of the cheap imported sets over the years just to have sets in different places. And I have to admit they do the job. I will go further to say that over the years the bottom end precision pliers I have purchased are getting better too. About the only type that is of questionable utility is cutters. Cheap cutters usually don’t work well. The sort of cutters that does work well are never supplied in precision plier sets anyways. You have to buy them separately. Flush cutters are the nicest cutters.

    The other suprisingly handy dark horse in precision pliers for me at least is, bent needlenosed pliers. To look at them one may easily conclude that they are of limited utility. I used to think, how many times am I really going to be working around a corner on something? But that is not actually what the bend is for! Or at least not how I end up using this tool so often. Think prying, precision, or otherwise prying. Also just for hand clearance in general work.

    So nrChris if you’ve come this far without owning any precision pliers at all you probably can get by from here on in with a much cheaper set than this long reach set. And cheaper here does not imply inferior either. Really, workers who would normally use precision pliers would laugh at these long reach pliers. They’re obstruction pliers. I ought to know, I’ve been employed professionally to do electronic assembly, and we didn’t have stuff like this! We used Utica Tools. I have some even higher end pliers than Utica, but for industrial usage Utica Tools is usually about as good as it gets.

  3. Bruce says:

    I bought a set of regular length pliers like this “Craftsman Professional” same five pliers and a case that looks like the Mac case for $15.00. Sears regularly has them individually on sale for $3.99 each.

  4. Eric says:

    Costco has a set of these pretty regularly, the set that I got was ~$40 and I’ve been extremely happy with them.

  5. Jarod says:

    The best deal for Mac Toos is eBay. There are two brothers that have been selling for Mac tools at prices far below the truck guys. What is interesting is that it ships directly from the Mac warehouse in Columbus.


    They’ve even very good about replacements and other warranty issudes.

  6. TechMech says:

    Thanks for the tip on Equality Tools. I ordered a set of tools and they arrived yesterday. Just as you said, even though the seller is in California, the return address came from Mac Tools Columbus Ohio.

  7. Mac Man Bill says:

    We’re very much aware of equality tools on eBay. It’s buzzed our internal forum for years and our folks at Mac always lie to us claiming they’re going to shut it down…but they’re sill running strong into their third year. We always suspected the seller was internal to stanley or mac but we’re kept int the dark. I know many mac distributors that sell on eBay just to keep their business going and frankly, I can’t blame them.

  8. WA MAC says:

    I was just on the equality site. Most of the prices were the same as on the truck. I still do not like the idea of being cut out of potential sales from my route.

  9. Gizmo says:

    our shop only allows the tool guys to show before and after business hours so i buy most of my tool off the internet…i don’t mind it…ships to my door and most places have free shipping over $25…most of the mac stuff is made in china…our mac guy went out of business over a year ago so all we have is snapon and sk…mac tools will send me free replacements by mail when i call their toll free number so it all works out.

  10. Norm says:

    I’ve bought from Equality Tools frequently. Fast shipping and they even made good on a warranty issue which was something our local slimeball mac guy wouldn’t do. Besides our mac guy has a filthy dirty truck, even lets his hound ride along and it stinks! I’m surprised mac doesn’t have people holding their people to higher, or even acceptable standards. Makes me wonder if they even have any…

  11. Grumpy Gramps says:

    I repair and restore old clocks and they come in handy. The needle nose will bend if you hold down on something too hard, otherwise they’re ok.

    We’ve got a mac tool store a few doors down at our local flea market. The mac guy sells off the truck and his wife tends to the store. I know they both sell on eBay too. It’s nice not having to chase a truck around and have to play the weekly payment game. The store sells strictly cash and carry and offers a 10-15% discount from their flyers. I think she does more business then here husband as there is alwasy a steady flow of traffic and deliveries by FedEx. They’ve been doing it for years too. I think Snapon Cornewell Mac and the other tool companies should have their own store since not eveyone who uses tools is an auto mechnic.

  12. Gorby says:

    These are okay but made in china. I got these on clearance for $19.99 before our mac guy went out of business.

  13. Jeff says:

    Does anyone know the Craftsman number for the long nose long reach pliers on the left side of the image at the top?

  14. Jeff says:

    please someone help. thanks

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