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Phillip writes: “The Bossmate is a really cool and simple idea; this company offers many variations of the basic Bossmate that should provide many uses — from a small, inverted version to use as a log rack to some that are suitable for use in your pickup as ladder/pipe racks.  You can also get a set of adjustable feet for uneven terrain.”

I’ll admit that when I first saw this, I thought, “Oh, another portable sawhorse.”  But when you see some of the crazy things you can form the Bossmate into — like, for example, a full workbench! — it starts to look pretty slick.  Obviously its portability’ll make it a winner on the jobsite, but this might also work well as a workplace in an apartment garage or in other situations where building something “to fit” isn’t a good option.

The Bossmate ships in three basic versions: the Primate (a heavy-duty version of the original Bossmate), the Mightymate (a light-duty version), and the Handymate (a short version).  You can then add numerous attachments to customize any of the for the job at hand.  Attachments include roller supports (great for feeding a miter saw), a shelving unit, and a board support.  You can also pimp yours out with leveling feet if you’re planning on using it in the garage or shop.

Pricing seems pretty reasonable with the Primate starting at $70.  Roller supports go for $40 as does the shelving unit.

Look for a hands-on with these down the road a bit.

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3 Responses to Reader Find: Bossmate’s Portable Workstands

  1. Paul says:

    I’m not going to throw out my sawhorses quite yet. I see two problems with this, setting it up, and those metal bars on the top. I’ll admit it is a neat idea, now so sure it is such a good idea though.

  2. nrChris says:

    Pretty good looking, considering the base price is right about the same as one of the metal stands for a band saw. I have seen plans for a similar homebrew stand out of a single 8’x4′ sheet of plywood–which is what I would do if I needed more support options. I still find a pair of sawhorses to be incredibly versatile.

  3. tea says:

    I see another reviewer on Amazon that mentions a trip to a welder is required to finish for use.

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