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If you aren’t aware, we’re huge fans of Bosch’s PS20 “Pocket Driver” and PS10 “I-Driver.”  (And if you haven’t read ’em yet, check out our hands-on posts on them as well: PS20, PS10.)  At this year’s just-wrapped-up International Builders Show (IBS), Bosch announced a third tool in the 10.8V li-ion line: a PS40 “Impactor” — a tiny, yet powerful impact driver.

Much like its other 10.8V siblings, it’s quite light, weighing in at just 2.2 lbs.  We know it’s got an all-metal gearset that spins at 1,800 RPM — and hammers at 3,000 BPM — to deliver some serious torque.  (We don’t know the claimed number yet, but based on our experiences with the other 10.8V tools, we imagine it’ll deliver.)

Look for more information soon, and a hands-on test as soon as possible.


13 Responses to Preview: Bosch’s 10.8V Impactor

  1. Paul says:

    This looks so sexy I well nevermind, I want one surgically attached to the end of my arm!

  2. Jeff T says:


    I have the pocket driver and thought it would be *killer* as a little mini impact with the higher revvs and all – right on Bosch!

    (In other news: have you guys seen the new Makita LXT impact-drill-hammerdrill in one tool yet? Looks nuts, though I like this little Bosch.

  3. nrChris says:

    Very nice looking–that whole Li-Ion of whatever they’re calling it series is pretty hot. Although for the money I won’t be in that market anytime soon. Lowes offers a Kobalt driver that looks like the PS20, and at $25 the price is right.

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    Chris: The Kobalt [link] is identical to a $15 “Chicago Electric” version at HF [link], and they’re both cheap knockoffs of Skil’s iXO [Hands-On], iXO2 [Hands-On] or B&D’s SmartDriver [Hands-On] — none of which are comparable to the PS20.  They’re more “cordless screwdrivers” than drivers.

    I can see not wanting to spend $125 for a driver, but having tested all three for TM, I can tell you that the PS20’s in a different class altogether. It’s by far the most powerful small driver we’ve tested.

  5. Crispy says:

    I use the PS20 everyday at work in car audio installs and its my prized possession. I heard about all three drivers mentioned here, the IXO2, the Smartdriver, and the PS20. I was going to go with the IXO2 but at the last moment I went with PS20. I’m so glad I did.

    The 2 batterys come in handy during my work day, especially with a 30 minute charge time. The clutch allows me to dial back the driver so I’m not breaking people’s dashing driving in screws. Plus the driver has quite a bit of torque to it. I’m afraid if I had went with another mini driver it simply wouldn’t have been powerful enough. That and the varible speed trigger on the PS20 is also very handy. The other drivers have either on or off triggers as I understand.

  6. Roscoe says:

    It’s finally happened- Toolmonger is going to cost me money. I went to Home Depot this morning and handled the box for the PS10. I have got to have one of these! Until this post, I was thinking I could be happy with the Skil or B&D- no more. I wonder if the wife would let me treat myself to a late Valentine’s Day gift. I should have gotten her nicer flowers….

  7. MikeSac says:

    Please hurry with testing, I don’t think I can stop myself from buying this one.

  8. Chuck Cage says:

    Roscoe: You’re gonna love it. We’ve got a PS10 here, and it’s actually a better driver than the PS20. The -10 makes a lousy drill, though, for the same reason it makes such a kick-ass driver: the shape. So if you’re going to do mostly driving, the -10 is your baby.

    You’d have to pry mine from my cold, dead fingers. 🙂 And you know by now that I generally don’t lavish that kind of praise on a tool.

  9. Alright that’s all I can stand, the PS10 is going on my wishlist. Luckily my birthday is in one week.

  10. Phillip says:

    The line starts right behind me…

    I hope Bosch does well these and adds many additional tools to the 10.8 volt line. I’d like to see a combo kit and sign me up for a light if they ever make it.

  11. thedcdude says:

    Great looking tool. I wish they would put a clip for onboard bit storage though.

  12. MikeR says:

    It doens’t look like the Impactor has a light on it, can anyone confirm? The light is one of the things I like alot on the PS20 vs the PS10

  13. Chuck Cage says:

    MikeR: We’re testing one right now, and it indeed has a light. In fact, it has a better light than the PS20 — you’re gonna love how they handle it.

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