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Reader Kurt clued us in to this tool that slipped by us in Makezine a few days ago, and it looks sweet.  Called the “Angle-izer,” it’s a series of slotted rulers hooked together with locking wheels to allow you to match angles and shapes, then lock the rulers in place to duplicate the positioning.  This totally strikes me as the kind of thing that’d be awesome to have around the shop.

It’s avaialbe from Sporty’s Tool Shop for $24.50, but we found it for $19 via at least one other merchant via Froogle.  Hell, I’m gonna order one.

FWIW, it also ships with a CD-ROM loaded with (Windows) software “for cutting parts to fit arches or circular patterns.”

The Angle-izer Instant Template [Sporty’s Tool Shop]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


5 Responses to Reader Finds: The Angle-Izer

  1. nrChris says:

    The potential uses for a tool like this are endless. I was wow’d when I saw it featured on Make. It would not be too hard to add sections for more than four sided pieces, if needed. This one definitely goes on the list, too bad my complicated furniture project is completed. At least for right now.

  2. Paul says:

    The classic tool for this job is a sliding bevel. I have one, it works great, and it doesn’t look foolish in my toolbox like this thing would. This device looks like a plastic sliding T bevel with two extra legs on it to me. The CD ROM doesn’t sound useful to me either. I run an industrial power OS not that Microsoft stuff. I guess I like my OSes classic and not all plasticy fragile either. Well, would you look at that, Toolmonger runs on Linux too!

  3. joe says:

    Would be better if it laid flat.

  4. Paul says:

    I am suprised that this instrument, and I use the term here loosly, didn’t elicit a few more comments than it has. Measuring instruments are well, instrumental in tooling. But as this post has shown are all too often an overlooked tooling category. I guess measuring instruments aren’t as golly gee whiz as tools that can take off a finger if you’re not paying enough attention.

    joe, I was thinking the same thing that this tool looks awfully unidirectional with those knobs hanging off of it too. But I figured I’d already ripped it up too much, so let it go. I am going to start submitting measuring instruments to the Submit a tool posts until people start giving the class the respect that it deserves!

  5. James Larsen says:

    The tool is great, the CD is close to useless except if you are making brick arches, radius or bullseye cuts. I tried using the program to calculate wedges for a circular table, quite similar to a brick bulls eye. The data the program gave wasn’t even close. If I used it I would have ruined some very expensive wood. All the CD does is shows a few photos of the device being used, no explanation, nothing about the rulers, pretty useless unless you just happen to have a project that the photos fit exactly. They could have given a really good video, axed the music and used the sound track for some explanation!
    A GREAT IDEA poorly executed!

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