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We’ve decided to extend our Submit a Tool, Win a Tool offer, and we’re offering up some of the smaller post-test tools hanging around the office.  This week we’re going to send one to our favorite tool submission.  If you’ve got a minute, drop us a line using the Submit a Tool form and let us know what’s in your shop that we should have in ours.

Submit a Tool [Toolmonger, of course]


3 Responses to Submit a Tool, Win a Tool

  1. Stuart says:

    So what have you guys been giving/sending out? It might be worthwhile to mention what your favorite picks are. Relative newbies like me can benefit from knowing which items and brands you pros tend to favor.

  2. nrChris says:

    Yeah, I would like to know what the “win a tool” end of this is. Obviously free is great, but what are we talking about here? I have a few things I have been meaning to submit–so give me the little nudge–let me know that I may be winning a __________

    (I’ll try to round up and submit them just the same, but it would be nice to know the range of tools offered out to TM readers.)

  3. Stuey says:

    I guess they ran out of odds and ends to send out? I’m still curious though as to who won what. Oh well.

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