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nrChris mentioned these in our most recent HoN Roundup and I have to admit that I’ve been wondering about them myself.  I see more and more mention of using magnetic strips to store tools either permanently or temporarily while you’re working with them.  Sometimes these are designed to mount to the wall, and sometimes they simply attach to the side of a rolling tool box.

The one pictured comes from Snap-on and sells for around $30, but there are a zillion different options out there. 

Personally, I can’t imagine using these for full-time storage, though they might be handy to keep a couple of wrenches out for a particular project.  Even then I’m not really sure it’s the best way to go.

What do you Toolmongers think?  Do you use these or something like them, and if so, whatd’ya thik of ’em?  Let us know in comments.


11 Responses to Hot or Not? Magnetic Strip Tool Storage

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Not. They tend to magnetize anything that is stored on them, and that can be a real nuisance when trying to start a screw or nut. It can also be difficult to reach distant fasteners if they are close to other iron. The tip tends to go for the other metal instead of the fastener. Of course, then, this could come in handy: http://toolmonger.com/2007/01/03/reader-find-craftsmans-magnetizerdemagnetizer/

  2. Eli says:

    I have two 24″ that I got from Garrett Wade. I like them. I don’t keep screwdrivers there, but I might now that I know they’ll get magnetized. I keep a full set of SAE and metric combo wrenches on them, scissors, a plastic dust brush (held up there by a fender washer screwed into the back of the handle), scratch awl, four diameters of allthread rod, a greensman’s can hook for pulling milk crates around. They aren’t something I couldn’t live without, but they’re worth the money.

  3. Harry says:

    I have one of these attached to the lid of my tool cart for quick access to tools I grab most often, like a 10mm gear wrench, 1/4 drive swivel sockets, etc. For me it’s a great set up. The tools stay stuck to the magnetic panel even with the lid closed. I haven’t encountered any problems with the tools becoming magnetized.

  4. Fred says:

    I would be concerned about these magnets picking up iron bearing grit from grinding, welding, etc.

  5. Roscoe says:

    I have one hooked to the lip of a shelf with drills on it to hold the most frequently-used bits. I don’t think I’d like hanging my hand-tools on one though.

  6. nrChris says:

    Geez, I am glad that I asked. I never thought about the fact that the magnets can magnetize ferrous tools. D’oh! Nothing worse than a magnetic screw driver when you don’t want one. Okay, there is one thing worse than that. A non-magnetic screwdriver when you need a magnetic one. Thanks for the info guys.

    I am going to keep searching for the right way to store and organize my tools. Pegboard–maybe. Magnetic bars–looks like no.

    What else is there?

  7. Tom says:

    I have one that used to be in the kitchen. It is on the front edge of the workbench and comes in handy when I need to put a screwdriver or drill bit somewhere and not lose it while I am working on a project.

  8. Paul says:

    Fred beat me to it but yes magnitism attracts ferrous chips, and dust and other things I prefer not having on my tools. I have a degausser, I mean what well equipped shop doesn’t? OK I might be the only one here with a degausser, honest, they’re handy, get one! But yeah I’d prefer not using the thing everytime I pulled a wrench off to use it.

    Magnetized twist drills are an especially bad idea BTW Roscoe. Chips sticking to a drill bit can lead to chip clogging, and well breaking the bits. This is actually what a degausser is really for. To demagnetize machine tools after chucking them with a magnetic chuck. I really hate any of my tools being magnetized ever!

    Oh yes this reminds me I wrote an instructable about an easy to make wrench organizer. You can view it here:


  9. Roscoe says:

    Paul- I agree with you for metal-working drill bits. Most of my work is with wood though, so it’s handy to have a #2 square drive, several torx bits, and some longer phillips handy.

  10. TimG says:

    HOT! I am always on the look out for inexpensive sources for these ($30!!.. it is just a friggin magnet). I want to put some in the kichen, on the side of a rolling tool box (that actually rolls!) and work tables/etc. Must rather this than peg board.


  11. These are nothing but expensive peg board.

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