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We asked all you Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

Pegboard: Maybe.
There was quite a bit of dissent on the subject of pegboard, with some readers strongly for and some strongly against, though many qualified their use of pegboard, stating that they like it only for certain commonly-used items and expendables.  One thing’s certain: if you’re considering installing some pegboard in your shop, you’ll want to give the comments on this Hot or Not post a read.

Talon “Unbreakable” Pegboard Hooks: Not.
These plastic hooks with molly-style clips seemed to leave Toolmongers cold — either because of their high price or because many have created their own solutions to make the standard cheap hooks work well.

Veto’s Pro-Pac Tool Bag: Hot.
Even at near $100 a pop, almost all commenters thought this tool bag looked great — and that’s saying something as we Toolmongers are a notoriously thrifty bunch.  I have to admit, this bag looked pretty sweet to me, too.

We’ve already posted another Hot or Not for you today, and we’ll keep posting ’em.  We love hearing your opinion, and I’m sure you do, too.  You’ve already helped me make some buying decisions!


3 Responses to Hot or Not Roundup

  1. nrChris says:

    Keep them coming. I have a suggestion for one–the magnetic wall mounted tool strips that seem to be appearing in more workshops–are they hot or not?

  2. Jeff T says:

    One thing about Hot or Not I just thought of. I rated that pegboard as NOT hot, BUT given the chance to buy it at a lower cost, I would have rated it a HOT, possibly. This brings up something – should we rate the hot-or-not’s on just product-quality or merit, with cost in consideration. Or, should it just be on merit alone, cost be damned? Some of these things are expensive, but I think people would have a slightly different view on them if they were in everyone’s budget. I guess the Veto tool bag proves me wrong possibly though since that’s pretty expensive.

    I don’t know. Just a thought. Thanks for putting up the electric impact question I had. 🙂

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Jeff: I totally understand. That’s why I didn’t just use a polling system or something for these. I figure the opinions in comments are as valuable — if not more so — than the actual “votes.” In the “roundup,” I figured by posting a link back to the original, everyone could cut through my summary and get their own take on it if they want to.

    It’s funny; when it comes to pegboard, most commenters seemed to have strong opinions, but there weren’t near as many “it sucks” comments as I’ve heard from individuals in my experience. After seeing everyone’s responses, I felt better personally because I’ve always thought that it’s not a bad solution for certain commonly-used tools, or in shops where it’s important to be able to see what tools haven’t found their way home. (Like in an aircraft shop, for example.) Pegboard + silhouettes can really help in those situations.

    Chris: I’ll drop the mag-strip HoN later today. I’m interested to hear about that myself.

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