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Phillip writes: “Greenlee has just introduced a bunch of new hand tools: pliers, screwdrivers, a couple of high-quality torpedo levels, adjustable wrenches, a new hacksaw frame, tape measure, etc.”Wow, the basic hand tool market’s really heating up.  When I was a kid, almost everyone had either “tool-truck tools,” Craftsman tools, or something they got cheap from the store.  Now a whole ton of people are manufacturing quality hand tools, and it’s possible to get good stuff from a variety of sources.

Isn’t it interesting how certain brand names carry much more weight in one profession than another?  One would imagine that Greenlee’s looking to leverage their long-standing reputation with electricians to kick start their hand tool sales, and my guess is that they’ll do just that.

If you get a chance, spin over to Greenlee and check ’em out.  They’ve got quite a bit of information available online about the new line, and they’ll even give you a free Greenlee “Made for the Trade” (see?) hat in exchange for your personal information and a few of your opinions.

One item that caught my attention — enough that we might try and test one in the near future: their “composite handle adjustable wrench” (pictured above).  I’d assume that this is designed to limit electrical conductivity, but I wonder how durable it is.  I’d sure like to do some torque testing myself.

Greenlee’s New Hand Tools [Corporate Site]
Greenlee’s 2007 Catalog [Warning: large PDF file!]


4 Responses to Greenlee Releases New Hand Tools

  1. nrChris says:

    I would like to see some reviews of their stuff, if other readers can share that would be great. I am done buying things sight unseen.

  2. kythri says:

    Domestic, or Chiwanese?

    That adjustable looks real nice…

    Curious if they’re using Danaher or one of the other manufacturing conglomerates…

  3. Jeff T says:

    I thought they had some new stuff that just came out. I was in Grainger picking up something for work the other day and saw some really frickin’ nutso-looking torpedo levels that were like $70 or more and were only like 8 inches long or something. I picked one up to check it out and I almost got one, then I found out what they cost.

    That adjustable is pretty nice looking. It looks similar to the 6″ Stanley that I have – almost identical, just slightly different handle.

  4. Paul says:

    Greenlee is always the uber snizzle in the world of tools. So geeky it is sexy! This looks like *THE* nicest adjustable wrench I’ve ever seen. I have a really nice Bacho and this thing looks nicer.

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