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One of the first tricks to doing automotive interior work is to not be afraid to pull or push like hell on something to find out where the clips or screws are.  The second is to not use a screwdriver to do it.  Screwdrivers almost always leave a mark or gouge in the plastic.  A better choice: a glass filled nylon pry tool set that’s designed just for this type of use. 

These tools are made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon and have differently-shaped heads perfect for jamming in tight spaces and prying off panels of all shapes and sizes.  The nylon coating won’t scratch the plastic, yet provides enough strength to pry stubborn and hard-to-remove clips without cracking the panels. 

Look at it this way: the $15 investment is likely a crapton cheaper than what the local stealership’ll charge you for a replacement panel.

Nylon Pry Tool Set [Eastwood]


9 Responses to Finds: Nylon Pry Tool Set

  1. nrChris says:

    I am unsure of the point of these–are they designed to break before your clip or panel breaks or are they designed to just not scratch your panels?

  2. Harry says:

    Actually these are pretty strong nylon and they don’t break before the fastener. They’re designed to do minimal damage when removing trim pieces and won’t scratch things as easily as a metal tool does. They are also wider than a screwdriver which prevents trim pieces from cracking or breaking because you’re prying on a wider area than the width of a screwdriver. I have the Eastwood set and they have become my favorite trim tools.

  3. bruce says:

    I havn’t bought this set yet but everytime I see it in their catalog I think it’s something I should have. My next order will include these. They could have saved me money in the past.

  4. Chris M. says:

    $15 investment? Comes up $29 for me!

  5. Paul says:

    Goosenecked crow bars are all the interior panel removal tools you’ll ever need because cars don’t need interior panels. Once you get the panels off simply toss them out. This way tool mark don’t matter and you save yourself removal troubles if you ever need access again. Take your tips from NASCAR for tasteful automotive interior designs.

  6. Crispy says:

    I’ve got a set and they rock. Plus the rounded tip is awesome for installing satellite antenna wires.

  7. Riskable says:

    Personally, I’ve found that a $0.99 plastic (nylon?) pot scrapers do almost as good a job as these nylon tools. You don’t get as much leverage (no long handle) but you do get a wider area to work with. It won’t scratch your panels either.

    I have some scrapers that are pretty much identical to these:


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  8. Fong says:

    In my Car Audio days, my favorite tool besides my “screw-gun” was a “panel popper” to get the clips off of interior panels without snapping them. Here’s one from Car Domain: http://images.cardomain.net/products/sou/SOU87810_1.jpg
    This Pry Tool set would’ve saved my fingers from having to pry the panels out far enough to know where to use my popper.

  9. Robsmelt says:

    I got involved with these tools whilst doing consultancy for a company who wanted to make cheap copies, the BOJO range is about the most copied plastic tool set on the planet and here in the UK (I am now the European agent) they are a ‘must have’ for professional installers. If they are good enough for the US military I think they must be OK , but I’ll leave you guys to suggest to your Senators that they could save tax $$ by using pan scrapers instead…..

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