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tm-update.jpgI just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about a couple of recent additions to Toolmonger.

Amazon Associate Links 

First, after reading everyone’s comments regarding Amazon associate referral links, we decided to go ahead and sign up for an account.  Don’t worry — we’re not giving away the store.  We’ve spent thousands of dollars out of our own pockets to keep Toolmonger running just so we could tell you what we really think about tools, and that’s not changing — ever.

We decided that it wouldn’t make any difference if we simply added a “Buy It Now from Amazon” link in addition to our current corporate and Froogle links.  We’ll add the “Buy It Now” link whenever we find the tool mentioned in the article available via Amazon — whether we like it or not. 

If you plan on buying via Amazon, you’re welcome to use the link — in which case Amazon’ll send us a pittance at some point in the future — or feel free to buy however you please.  We’re not here to sell you tools; we’re here to tell you about ’em

And just to make absolutely sure there’s no mistaking these links for anything but what they are, we also added a “What’s this?” link after each of them, which links to a page that describes them and explains our philosophyMost importantly, we’ll never “hide” an associate link.  If our associate account is in a link, you’ll see the “What’s this?” link as well.

Digg Buttons 

Today we also added a new feature to both the main page and individual post pages which allow you to submit the story you just read to Digg for consideration by its large audience.  If you click the button when it says “0 diggs,” the link will take you to a page where you can submit the post to digg.  If you see some diggs already, the link will take you to a page where you can digg the post as well.

If you’ve never used Digg, you’ll need to sign up for an account to submit or digg posts.  It’s an easy process, and it doesn’t require that you sign away your life or anything.  I’ve been enjoying Digg since long before Toolmonger, and I suspect some of you’d enjoy it as well. 

So, if you’re reading along in Toolmonger, find something that turns you on, and would like to share it with others, go ahead.  Anything that brings in new faces to our already-strong community’ll make it just that much more fun to see what everyone’s got to say about tools.


2 Responses to Update: Associate Links & Digg Buttons

  1. nrChris says:

    Nice changes–they should make for a streamlined viewing process. I still have some issues reading TM posts in Bloglines, but I believe that to be more of a bloglines issues.

    When are you going to start a forums section?

  2. Brian C. says:

    I have to agree with nrChris on the forums issue, although I’m sure it would be a lot of work to move all the posts into an actual forum. For example, the Posts By Manufacturer list is getting quite long. However, I believe that the changes would be best in the long run. Just a suggestion, though!

    I’m glad that you guys decided to go with implementing the Amazon click thru’s. Even if some of us never use the Amazon link to purchase, we may still click thru just to check out Amazon’s reviews and listing on the tool.

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