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Matt writes: “This is the most bad-ass multi-tool out there.  You’ve got to check one out for yourself if you’re skeptical. It’s very, very heavy and as strong as a real set of pliers.  The best feature is the gear-driven pliers, which give you a two-to-one reduction so you can really hang on to things and also eliminates the problem of the pliers sticking together when the handles are open (due to fish scales and other crud getting caught in the mechanisms.)  Also, I just saw that there’s gonna be a new version (2.0) coming out sometime — even bigger and heavier.  Cool!”

In case you’re wondering, the “EOD” in the name does indeed refer to “Explosive Ordinance Disposal.”  Yep, this multi-tool is designed for those guys.

They include a wire cutter, a crimper, and (as Matt mentioned) a pretty sweet pair of pliers as well as a bunch of other blades and tools.  According to SOG, the crimper “produces non-flaring, high-pull-out-strength crimps that meet government fuse well specifications.”

Sounds pretty sweet.  Don’t be turned off by SOG’s $112 price tag; we found ’em available starting at around $60 online, and you can buy them in silver and satin as well as black oxide — in case you’re not into the stealth look.

The EOD PowerLock [SOG]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
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3 Responses to Reader Finds: SOG EOD Powerlock

  1. Roscoe says:

    The covers on the handles look like a great feature, you could really get a better grip without the edges of all the blades digging into your fingers. If the knife blade opened from the outside, I’d definitely take a look at one of these.

  2. nrChris says:

    Wow. That is really expensive. You could buy a cheapo version of every tool included in that package for less money, and buy a bag to throw them all into. I know the portability size is kind of the point, but I cannot get over that price.

  3. Brian C. says:

    $55 isn’t too bad for a decent multi-tool. I was NOT, however, impressed with the mfg’s site at all. No MSRP listed. A few specs were listed, but not which tools were in the unit! Maybe I didn’t look close enough?

    I could see several pictures, though, and that gave a few +’s. 9.6 oz is a little heavy, but by no means the heaviest. The Leatherman Wave weighs 8.4 oz (slightly less) and the Leatherman Surge weighs a hefty 12.5 oz! For comparison, though, I just weighed my Husky multi-tool with lock-blade razor blade, in the case – 16.5 oz – and I carry that nearly every day. Perhaps I should look into this further? 🙂

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