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Chris S. writes: “The Veto Pro-Pak is a heavy-duty tool bag with lots of pockets to keep all your tools vertical for easy access.  They offer three different bags, and I was considering buying one — the LC.  But I want to see what you Toolmongers think of it first.”

Here’s the skinny: The body of these bags are made of PVC-impregnated 1800 Denier favric, and the base is made of 3mm-thick polypropolene.  It also features “marine-proof rivets and industrial strength nylon stitching and zippers.”  The LC Chris mentions has 51 “tiered pockets of varying size” plus six zippered pockets and a fixed center panel to keep the bag standing upright.

Personally, I think it’s one of the better-looking tool bags I’ve seen, though it’s a bit pricey.  Then again, it’s not your average, ordinary tool bag, either.  Let us know what you think in comments.

Pro-Pac Model LC Tool Bag [Veto]


25 Responses to Hot or Not? Veto’s Pro-Pac Tool Bag

  1. Paul says:

    Tool bags are nice I have one for my electronics tools. It is a Platt.

  2. Michael says:

    Definitely Hot.

    The Veto is a great bag. Much better in person than can be described. If I was still doing cabinet installations I’d have bought one by now. As is it’s on my short list of most wanted tools.

  3. Randy says:

    This looks pretty hot-ish. Too bad they don’t sell them near me. I’d like to see one in person.

  4. nrChris says:

    While it looks nice, and the specs surely more than adequate–I simply cannot purchase a bag sight unseen. I can with tools and gadgets–but something that is almost an article of clothing, at least for me, needs to be seen and felt.

    If you don’t share that quirk, the bag is definitely hot. I will keep my eyes peeled for one in real life.

  5. Phillip says:

    These are definitely HOT bags. And I think the different in the price compared to other bags is it simply takes more time to sew the vertical pouches as opposed to just bag “real estate” with a couple of pouches on the sides.
    Also, I agree with the other men, this needs to be experienced first hand to see if it makes the final grade. I think in general people are a bit apprehensive about changing their tool bags – it needs to prove itself and sell itself – especially for $100+.

  6. Rob says:

    I’ve always liked the look of this bag but not the price. The organization and access seem top notch. If they didn’t cost so much, I’d have one for sure.

  7. Jeff T says:

    Hot. I would love one of these for theater installs. Very very nice bag.

  8. Peter says:

    I have the XL version of this bag. It is well made and rugged. I only have two comments to make. The bag is dark in color and it can be difficult to see tools down low without a lot of light. It is also very rigid due to the construction and will take time to break in so that the pouches have a bit more give. I did buy it without first hand experience and do not regret it.

  9. Ron says:

    I got the LC version as a Christmas gift. I keep my electronics repair tools in it & love the bag. It is dark inside, but I don’t find that to be a problem. Love the capacity, ruggedness, and the heavy-duty molded plastic bottom. I could sit this bag in an inch of standing water & my tools would still be protected. Great for a mobile toolchest.

  10. Bruce says:

    The price is high but it might be worth spending the money for… I would have to see it personally to make the purchase … I would like to see one geared toward sockets, ratchets and wrenches to carry in the car for emergency repairs.

  11. Chris S. says:

    Well I went to my local tool store which is listed on veto’s website and they were sold out.(good sign I guess) Another guy there whos a glazer said he has the LC and was really enthusiastic about it. I’ll have to go back once they get it in stock.

  12. Ray says:

    Long time listener, first time caller. I thought I’d add my personal experience with this tool bag.

    I’m an industrial instrument mechanic, working in the oil and gas production industry, in Canada. I bought the LC model, more or less on impulse, almost a year ago. At first I thought it was really overkill, given the high price, but I’ve since come to appreciate it’s features and quality.

    Up until I bought this one, I had been using a relatively cheap bucket-style electrician’s tool bag. Never any problem with the quality, but because of the nature of my work, there were a few things that bugged me about it.

    The traditional electrician’s bag is open on top. This can be handy, because you can easily grab a tool. The drawback in my job, though, is that I do a lot of travelling to sites in helicopters, other people’s 4WD trucks, and occasionally on snowmobiles and quads. The back seats of the trucks are usually a jumble of crap, and you end up stuffing your tool pouch wherever it can fit. I’ve had it happen to me several times, when I opened the back door of the truck, my tool pouch tumbled out, and all my shiny tools land on the ground. Apparently mud puddles have some sort of magnetic properties which attract expensive tools.

    The Veto bag solves this problem by being zippered at the top, so that it’s all neatly self-contained, and nothing can fall out. Also, if I’m working outdoors and it’s snowing or raining, I can grab a tool, and zip it back up. The plastic bottom is a real plus, as well, because it gives the bag a nice stable base, making it that much less likely to tip over. This is especially helpful when stuffing the toolbag into the tiny cargo hatch of a helicopter. It’s no fun trying to find tools that might have fallen out while the pilot is anxious to take off after dropping you on site. Another bonus of the plastic bottom is that I can put my bag on a snowy or muddy surface, and my stuff stays clean and dry. It’s easy to wipe off any goo.

    Although the LC is the smallest model, I’ve found that it has much more room than a standard electrician’s pouch. I tend to carry a lot of tools (better looking at it than looking for it). Among other things, I carry a multimeter, a current clamp meter, a 10″ pipe wrench, a smallish ball pein hammer, screwdrivers, nutdrivers, a full set of wrenches, a Crescent wrench, Channelocks, and many other odds n’ ends. It’s cramped, but whenever I find myself regretting not buying the larger model, I realise my bag already weighs around 30 lbs. I’d have to be Hercules to lug around a bigger one — enough is enough!

    It does come with a very hefty looking shoulder strap, but who am I kidding? This is no purse. I use the shoulder strap D-rings to attach dollar store caribiners that hold rolls of teflon and electrical tape. The carrying handle is brilliant. It really gives you a good comfortable grip to carry all this stuff with full confidence that it will never come apart. I can testify that the plastic parts don’t get all brittle to -45 degrees C.

    I have a few very minor quibbles, which probably are due to my own preferences, and not a general criticism. I’d like it if there were a larger size external pocket to keep bulky items in, like a cellphone, etc. The external zip pockets (two on each side) are tight — you can just slide a pocket calculator into the larger ones. A little more “unstructured” space inside would be good, too. I find all the dozens of little pockets for tools a little obsessive. Some is good, but I don’t have that many sets of perfectly identical items. I need space for the oddball things, too.

    All in all, I would have to say I am very satisfied with this tool bag. It is very well constructed, and doesn’t show any signs of pooping-out. It is very well designed. It should be, considering it costs easily five times more than the alternative. Speaking for myself, I think the money was well spent. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend it for the casual user, given its cost. Would the home handyman get full value from it? I doubt it. A much cheaper tool bag would easily fit the bill. But if you really need a special tool bag for a demanding situation — and are willing to part with the extra cash — then this one gets the thumbs up.

  13. Roger says:

    My name is Roger Brouard, inventor of the VETO PRO PAC line of tool bags. I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all the great feedback our product has gotten on this site. It’s always great to hear feedback, and even more valuable, constructive criticism and suggestions for making our products better for the future. We were particularly interested in the “darkness” aspect of the inside of the bags. This is an area of interest and we’ll consider the options there as we continue to improve and enhance our products.

    This site obviously has a great community of knowledgeable tool enthusiasts and we’re flattered to be featured here. If you are a fan of our products please stop by our website http://www.vetopropac.com later this summer for some exciting new products coming out around that time. We will also be posting our trade show schedule for the summer so that you can stop by and check out the bags before you buy (which was an issue mentioned a few times on this posting).

    Again, thanks so much for all your support. We wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for all of you out there using our products to the fullest in the field every day!

    -Roger Brouard, VETO PRO PAC, LLC

    • John Deason says:

      Would you be willing to discuss the possibility of helping my idea become a reality? I, like your self described bio, have been in the building industry for many years and have a concept for a tool bag that tradesmen would want and buy. This in my opinion is a game changer. I appreciate quality, your tool bags are the industry best.
      Thank you for reading,

  14. Mark Thurston says:

    Thank you Roger for being right on top of these discussions. I am ready to purchase a XXL Bag, but would appreciate it if you could advise me if there will be a similar size bag with pouches and pockets on the storage side. I have more smaller tools to carry that large and would find that configuration of use.
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  15. Kerry says:

    I just picked up the Veto XL bag sight unseen… or in person atleast…
    I hoped that I was makeing a good choice and was not at all displeased.
    The quality seems very high, all of my tools fit perfectly and now I’m shure all my clients and I will be a lot less concerned about scratches or stains
    when I am working.
    May it last many years as I exspect it will. This bag looks to be a solid 10.

  16. Erland Soerensen says:

    I have the same question/wish as Mark Thurston so please respond to this Roger (-;

  17. Al Corelli says:

    I have an XL bag that has been dragged through hell and back…weekly.
    We do commercial and residential boiler installations, and the environment is, um, hostile to toolbags.
    No other method of tool carrying allows us the ability to see if a tool is in the bag, no digging, no doubts. If an empty place is there, someone didn’t replace a tool and it needs to be found.
    Boiler room’s ripe with sooty, muddy, nasty water standing on the floor? Somebody knocked over the toolbag? No problem. Our tools are safe and dry, zipped up and in their proper places.
    Some people may say the cost of these bags is excessive. I don’t think so. We used to go through all sorts of boxes, bucket liners and carryalls. How much money did we spend on all that stuff? They had to be replaced frequently. And how about the cost of tools lost from not immediately being visible in the bucket?The combined cost easily exceeded the cost of a Veto bag, by far.
    I have since purchased an LC bag for my own personal tools for my diagnostic/service work. I am equally enamored with it.

    Al Corelli
    MAV Mechanical
    Larchmont, NY
    My Dad always told me, “If you buy a good product, you buy it once.”

  18. Robert Carresi says:

    I’ve used the Veto XL for about a year now in my job, I’m an electrician. Although I thought it expensive it has proved to be money well spent, so much so that I bought the LC to take on callout.
    I usually set the bag close to where I’m working so I can reach in and pick up a tool and replace it in it’s pocket when done.
    At the end of the job it’s easy to see if something is missing so lost tools are a thing of the past.
    I hate when I’m on a job and I find I need a particular tool which is back at base. The Veto carries everything I need in one neat bundle. My previous tool boxes / bags have worn out in a matter of months whereas this one is still going strong – money well spent.
    Nice one Roger!


  19. Jared says:

    Just an FYI

    VETO PRO PAC is now showing their new OT series of bags. Go to VETOPROPAC.com and check them out! This should answer a few of the questions that were out there.

  20. Steve in Petaluma says:

    I’m a carpenter and generally carry a crazy amount of hand tools with me. The problem is that by the end of the work day the last thing I want to do is organize tools. So, what always used to happen is I would throw everything into a Bucket Boss or a toolbox, and have to spend a good deal of time searching for tools the next day. By the end of the week, my tool situation was a total disaster, leaving me with a time-consuming re-organization – week after week.

    About a year and a half ago I purchased the XXL and the XL. They completely changed my relationship with my tools. The great thing about the Veto Pro Pacs is that you CANNOT BE DISORGANIZED! Its nearly impossible. There simply isn’t enough space in these bags (the cargo side of the XXL excepted) to just toss tools into them. If a tool is going to go in, it pretty much has to be in a pocket. And if you take a little time at the beginning to plan where things are going to go, it will make your life so much easier.

    Here’s what I did. My XL bag is my everyday tool bag. One side holds my finish tools, the other side holds my rough framing/forming tools. The slightly annoying thing about this bag and the LC is that they look the same from either side. So, I wrapped some red electrical tape around one side of the handle and some yellow electrical tape around the other side of the handle. When I see the Yellow on the right side of the bag I know my framing tools are facing me, and yeah you get it. A little anal, but it helps.

    My XXL bag holds my important but seldom used tools with the cargo side holding my 24″ handsaw, Quick-Grip clamps, single jack, pry bars, electrical splitters, framing squares, knee pads, gloves etc.

    Filled up, these bags are HEAVY (especially with the single jack), but the weight simply reminds you of their efficiency – you no longer need 5 bucket bosses, milk crates, tool boxes, or whatever else you’ve been using. However the handle is very comfortable, despite the potential weight, and the shoulder straps really do help.

    As far as durability goes, these are indestructible. After a year and a half mine still look brand new with a little compressed air cleanup now and again.

    My brother is an elctrician and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting him the new OT LC bag for X-mas. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Hell Yes!

  21. Sonny P. says:

    I work in an industrial, dirty, and sometimes wet environment. I had bought some other brands of tools bags, and had the same problems and others, unorganization. When I first seen this bag, I knew it was what I needed, it had the heavy duty characteristics that I needed, plus it had vertical pocket so that I could organize my stuff, and not have to hunt for it. I bought the XL verision, and love it. The only problem that I have had with it is the zippers. They keep tearing up, maintly due to the many times that I zip and unzip it each day. I was pleased to see the release of the OT verisons and am planning on getting one. The customer service is great as well on the bag. I called them with a warranty claim on the bag and they sent be a brand new one at no charge, I simply sent the other one back. Since I got the new one the zipper has messed up again though. This is the only bad thing that I can say about the bag. It is definately tuff stuff!

  22. david harmon says:

    i am a 5th year electrions apprentce, in the five years i have had to buy 7 bags, and return one; all due to them tearing out under the weight of the tools. i am a tool colection type of guy- see a tool or need a tool once then i have to go get one for the rare time i maight need it agin. i was told about the veto by a buddy who saw it online, of corse after seeing it draged down the road and not a single tool was out of place i needed to get it. so i sent the money for books on my SUITCASE (as it has come to be known by the jealous journymen i have work with). the weight seemed to decrease due to the upright and central placement of the tools, which ment i could get more tools.

    did some work in a powerhouse, the walk was a unforgiving journey with a bait box and 60lb tool bag, but had all the tools i could pack into it. they laughed and made jokes until the needed that one tool they left in the car.
    feels good when you have the tools the MAN forgot.

    the drawbacks, is that once you fill the uper pockets less stuff fits in the lower pockets, it happens to be a bit tall for a gang box, and then the weight dose get heavy (but i got my tools) but is a good trade for the quality, and durability of the bag.

    have thrown it across the room just to see if the clames are true. they are!
    i wont jab myself on a chesel or snips agin as i reach for the kliens. the xl is my bagi have solved some of the storage issues, i but some bags that have clips on the inner d rings ( i know “you only get one back kid; its a job kid not a camping trip”) but this bag now rates higher then my dog, just next to the wife, and slightly below the kids (just cause i can kick it when it gets in my way)

    i would recomend geting one of the bags hell a five year gaurente if you dont like it send it back (or to me)

  23. K says:

    I have a Veto LT-XL, and it is the best tool bag I have ever had! It is very well made! I have dropped it from a two-story balcony, and all my tools were still in place! I haven’t lost a tool since, largely due to the closed type design! The bags have a 5-year warranty, and the guys at veto are great! My first bag had a problem with the sipper, and they promptly sent me a replacement bag. All I had to do was send the old bag back in the box the new one came in, with postage already paid! I can tell you this, when this bag wears out–which won’t be anytime soon! MAKE MINE VETOPROPAC!

  24. James Reimer says:

    Veto pro pac does hold your tool in place, you will know if something is missing very quickly. I climb small basket ladders to overhead cranes, all tools stay with me but difficult at times in tight location. I have not see a better bag anywhere in my 30 years of working with bags and pouches. Yes the price is high for a bag made in china, but the warranty is great. Give it a try.

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