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It looks like Sears — not surprisingly — agrees with us re: giving the gift that keeps on giving.  (That’s tools, of course.)  And in that spirit, they’re offering up a few sales for the special day.

Our favorites: A 155-piece mechanics’ tool set for $100 (normally $150) and a 19.2V combo kit for $299 (normally $320).

Valentine’s Day Tool Sales [Sears, warning: temp link]


One Response to Deals: Sears Valentine’s Day Gifts “for Him”

  1. nrChris says:

    I do a lot of shopping on wishlists–Amazon and Home Depot particularly, Rockler has a great one too. Sites that have poor or no wishlist, like Woodcraft and Lowes, well I have a harder time shopping at their online facilities. It is nice to remind people that my birthday is coming up and the complete list of tools that I am looking for can be found at a simple web link. My parents were very good to me this Christmas via Amazon. So was my wife.

    The moral of this story is that the Sears website is behind in this arena and it bugs me. (I believe that they have a rudimentary wishlist feature, but it is not as good as Amazon’s.)

    That is my two cents. Now to do some quality shopping for my favorite valentine (me), maybe that mini Craftsman lathe…

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