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Sizod ran across this link for a free “industry insider” subscription to Tech Home Builder magazine over at DealNews and sent it over.  He writes: “TecHome Builder is a magazine focusing on bringing technology into new and existing homes.  Even better, it’s free with this link!”

Free Subscription [TecHomeBuilder]

Update (02/08/2007): Looks like they’re stopped offering the free subscription today.  You might want to try back tomorrow.


4 Responses to Deals: A Free Subscription to TecHome Builder

  1. Fred says:

    Ooops. Too late.

  2. nrChris says:

    Too late for me, but I am going to submit this as a work related expense. (I work as a researcher for a construction industry group–if I get a chance at work tomorrow I will try to dig up a set of good links to publications in the vein of TecHome Builder.

  3. TimG says:

    Anybody have any other ‘industry’ magazine subscriptions that are free? Anything ‘repair’ related.. cars, fabrication, welding, etc.

    These are always great resources, and hey.. you can’t beat free!


  4. Michael says:

    There are a few links on the same page to other magazines that have free subscriptions to anybody who works in that industry, e.g. if you install flooring and give your company name/address, you can get a free subscription to National Floor Trends.

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