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Patrick writes: “Pegboard hooks that don’t fall out?  They’re a bit pricey compared to their metallic brethren, but if they work as claimed they’re probably worth the premium.”

These “unbreakable” hooks from TalonHooks.com are made of nylon and feature a molly-style expanding top catch to keep you from pulling them out of the pegboard.  Even from the picture it looks to me like they’d work as advertised.

One thought, though: Isn’t it good to have a point of failure before you tear the pegboard off?  Sure, it’s a pain to put the hook back in, but it’s easier than removing all of ’em to replace the pegboard.

Let us know what you think in comments.  (And yes, I’m aware that some of you are strongly against pegboard, so be sure and place any general-purpose-I-don’t-like-pegboard comments over in the Hot or Not? Pegboard in the Shop post.  Let’s keep this one oriented toward “if you like pegboard, would you like these hooks?” discussion.

Froogle didn’t want to turn up any of these, but some Google searching found ’em at Hartville Tool for between $4 and $5 each.  (There are a number of different versions.)  For other distributors, try “talon hooks pegboard” in Google.  Don’t click on the “distributors” link on the Talon site.  For some reason it won’t load and causes issues with the browser.  You’re warned.

Unbreakable Pegboard Hooks [TalonHooks.com]
Talon Pegboard Hooks [Hartville Tools]


20 Responses to Hot or Not? Talon Pegboard Hooks.

  1. DennisL says:

    I’d say Not, for two reasons. The obvious one is price: At $4 to $5 a pop, I could never afford to populate a decent size pegboard with enough hooks to do any good. Second, it seems to me that part of the appeal of pegboard is that you can easily change the arrangement of hooks to fit changing needs. It looks like these hooks are there to say once you put them in place, so you’d better be sure you’ve got the arrancment just right before you start.

  2. Crashin says:

    That seems a bit pricey. If they were half that price it would probably be worth looking into.

  3. I don’t know if those prices are accurate, or maybe they are for a package. On the Talon web site they list “1-3/8″ Small Diameter Straight Hook, package of 12” for $6, plus they have a 96-piece variety pack for $45.

    Also it says the pegs can be inserted without tools, and removed with a philips screwdriver.

  4. nrChris says:

    These are expensive. Two of my local hardware stores sell cheaper alternatives–one with a plastic retainer system that goes into adjacent peg holes and does a fair job of holding your hook onto the board. The other features a 1/4″ coarse screw and a hold in addition to the hook–like this system but without the “molly” section. They work great.

    I have taken to fishing zip ties through adjacent holes and around my hook–this keeps the hooks quite secure, although it is a pain to fish the zip ties through and makes moving hooks around quite a chore.

  5. CyberKender says:

    At $1-$2 each, they’d be worth trying out. Can’t really say whether or not they’re worth without trying one, tho. If they live up to their claims, then they might be hot for anyone who is ok with pegboard, and didn’t splurge on the metal variety.

  6. TimG says:

    Wow, who really spends $5 each for these?? I wouldn’t think there would be enough people at that price point to warrent the manufacture. Especially considering they cost ~10c each to make (less?)

    Neat idea though, but come on!


  7. Paul says:

    Oh come on DennisL, everyone knows that the first arrangement one comes up with on pegboard is obviously the best! Anything else is just admitting that you were wrong to me. I already ranted about pegboards with the steel pegboard post so I will refrain from doing so again here.

    But yeah the day I blow $5 on a hook is the day I hope someone carts me off to a nice padded room in an institution someplace. nrChris is cracking me up with their tywrap fishing technique. I bet some shrink someplace could make their career investigating that bizarre behavior. In my opinion nrChris needs more than simply a padded room, they need to be restrained.

    I still say walls are supposed to be walls though. Is pegboard in a garage the toolmongers method of displaying tools as if they were big game trophies or something? There has to be something behind the pegboard craze more than simply tool storage. I’m not trading in my roller chests anytime too soon over here.

  8. Chris Ball says:

    Seems like it would be alright I guess but the little plastic cross clips that come with any of the metal hooks these days seem to work as good as I could as of them so unless they have some unique hook shapes, I’m not compelled.

  9. Michael says:

    Frankly it seems like the layout is backwards. The molly-style screw should be on the bottom, with the hooked insert at the top (pointing up) to support more weight.

    Anyway, I say Not for all the reasons listed above. The whole point is to be able to rearrange quickly, besides, these are much too expensive to populate a pegboard.

  10. DennisL says:

    I think this horse is pretty well flogged, but I’d like to set the record straight on a couple of points. First, these things apparently aren’t $5 each. Prices vary, but the plain hook is $6.46 for a pack of 12 — a little over $.50 each, plus shipping. Also, the web site says they can be removed easily, so maybe rearrangement wouldn’t be so difficult.

  11. JD Svoboda says:

    Well, I actually use these. True cost is $0.66 each. They go in in 5 seconds- set the hook, then straight push-in plastic screw (low profile threads that flex, not deform). 15 seconds to remove- unscrew & unhook. They hold well and are strong. One shortcoming is after multiple installations the screws do not backout as easily, but still workable. Remove carefully to not enlarge holes.

    These, and any pegboard, are much better suited to a woodworking shop rather than garage. On a typical “garage” project might use 5 tools, and socket sets don’t work well on pegboard. On a typical woodworking, maybe 20, and pliers, hammers, squares and saws are particularly well-suited to wall hanging. Having the most commonly used ones direct at hand makes work faster. IMHO.


  12. Manny says:


    I’m am a total pegboard advocate and these are simply not neccesary!

    I have an 8 x 4 Pegboard setup in my garage and all the hooks you’ll need come in a variety pack at Home Depot for under $7.00 (cdn). You get dozens of hooks and brackets of different shapes and sizes. The pack also comes with these black plastic cross pieces that you put across each hook type that may have been notorious to fall out in the past. This also solves the “fall out” problem that all you pegboard nay sayers keep bringing up. Hellllllloooo?? the “fall out” problem has been solved a long time ago so DO NOT MENTION IT AGAIN!!! Find a more valid reason to dislike PB ’cause that ones no good anymore.

    Two of these variety packs were all I needed and I have a lot hanging up there. Just as soon as I find out how to post a pic of it on this website I’ll be happy to do so for all those interested. Just have a tissue handy for the drool..

  13. Kathy says:

    so where can I buy JUST the black plastic cross pieces?? I have only been able to find them as part of an assortment pack. I have PLENTY of hooks, I just need the black plastic cross pieces. Any suggestions?

  14. Jerry says:

    the black plastic cross pieces for pegboard hooks are called peg locks. I found them on the web and ACE hardware also carries them.

  15. scout says:

    There’s a new product I found called ‘pegstrappers’, works better than those peglocks (even a minor bump will make then come out).

  16. HY says:

    Talon’s prices are for packs. They are not sold individually.

  17. silicon28 says:

    These aren’t quite as expensive as some have reported. But they are still WAY too expensive for me – I have two entire 20 foot walls of pegboard in my shop – replacing my metal hooks with these would be over $500. I’d rather use that for the next replacement machine like a new table saw.

  18. Joe says:

    I think Talon Hooks are a hot concept, but I’m sure glad I didn’t send some of your responders out to buy them, with the prices they misquoted, and the error ridden specs. they printed.

  19. David Labrecque says:

    A couple strikes against the black plastic cross pieces (peg locks) mentioned above:

    1) they’re kind of a pain to remove.
    2) they use up a hole on either side of the hook (bad if you want to crowd hooks together for many smaller tools.

  20. Scott W says:

    The design idea of these is good. However, over time the longer ones sag and bend. I had two new band saw blades in the box and hooks sagged enough to drop the boxes. Also had two small handsaws on two hooks. Again, they bent down enough to drop the saws. Broke the wood handle on one. I bought them 6 months ago.

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