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Here’s the only other tool-related ad this year: a freakin’ HP ad featuring Paul Sr. from OCC, of — if you don’t know this, I don’t know why I’m telling you — American Chopper fame.

Hey, I’m as big an American Chopper fan as the next guy.  It’s the original man’s soap opera.  I even heard a friend’s wife refer to it as “my husband’s stories” one time.  But can you really imagine getting advice on your computer and software purchasing from Paul Sr.?  Welders?  Sure.  Hand tools?  Yeah.  Business management parters?  Certainly.  But computers? 

At least OCC seems to understand the concept of “viral” as we can link you the ad directly.  Maybe his kids who’ve “downloaded thousands of songs” told him about it.  Of course, I suspect the RIAA’ll be at their doorstep tomorrow.  If they’re willing to sue the crap out of little old ladies and paraplegics, think what they’d do to get at someone who actually has some cash!

Overall, I’m just blown away that we didn’t see more tool ads.  Why not run some of the OCC/Napa ads we used to see all the time on Discovery, for example?


4 Responses to Super Bowl Ad Rundown, Part 2: OCC/HP?

  1. nrChris says:

    Aren’t the OCC crew selling XBox’s or hawking one of the big box stores, too?

  2. Raven says:

    Ok, Can we as a society please stop giving Paul Sr. and his dysfunctional family money? Seriously. Has anyone actually paid attention to the brute force style of bike building these guys swear by? If anyone touched my ride like that after I paid over 70K, I’d turn the hammer on them. But thats just my opinion.

  3. Crashin says:

    Can’t blame them for taking the money people basically throw at them. They have some very cool ideas for motorcycles. Not as cool as some other builders but worth recognizing.

  4. Spectre says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that not only was there a lack of advertisements for “manly” products and services, but that more than one commercial leaned was looking completely the other way? Wasn’t that some candy commercial that ended with two men lip locked? Wasn’t it some apple pie car company that had an entire group of men doing the top-less car wash rundown? Interestingly enough, the women in the crowd thought they were funny….hmm.

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