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I saw this on BoingBoing today and thought I’d share.  They’re a bit expensive at $125, but I love finding any kind of bauble that I can wear on formal occasions to remind everyone that I’m not always an uppity dude in a suit.  Sometimes I actually like to get my hands dirty.

Not that you’d get very dirty building watches.  Speaking of watchmaking, if any of you out there are professional watchmakers, we’d love to talk to you about putting together some watchmaking content for Toolmonger.  We’ve covered some smaller tools in the past, but it’d be great to see additional information specifically on your art.

Watch Movement Cuff Links [Red Envelope]


7 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Clockwork Cufflinks

  1. nrChris says:

    Price seems steep for something that wouldn’t be too hard to DIY. Obviously not an exact knockoff of that item, but there are enough leftovers in my workshop that could be made into clever cuff links. If I wore a suit. Or a shirt with the requisite French cuffs.

  2. kythri says:

    I had a set of cufflinks around here somewhere that were acrylic/LEXAN-encased AMD Athlon silicon cores.

    Scored those when the Athlon first launched, years upon years ago.

    Never have had a chance to wear them, though.

  3. Dan Sroka says:

    I couldn’t tell from Red Envelope, but I wonder if the clockworks actually run. Now THAT would be pretty darn cool.

  4. Me says:

    Do a Google search for “bubble level cufflinks” and you will see some more affordable, tool related cufflinks. (Levels, thermometers, timers, etc…)

  5. chris says:

    I just talked with customer service and they said that the movement is just for looks. She said it is possible that some of them are functional but not guaranteed.


    Working clockwork=probably worth $125
    non-working decorations you can make your self with minimal metalworking skills for about $20=definitely not worth it.

  6. kythri says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking that the cufflinks above would be a bit more expensive than $20 and minimal metalworking skills.

    Don’t know if they’re worth $125, but definitely worth more than $20.

  7. Babara says:

    There is an increasing range of cufflinks out there that double as scaled down working models. I have sold a couple (Compasses, spirit levels etc) generally cost about $20.
    (See: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/CuffMasters-The-Cufflink-Shop)

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