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I realize that opinions are like, um, screwdrivers — every Toolmonger’s got one — but I’d like to hear your opinions regarding the age-old shop organization techinque of applying pegboard to walls. 

Do you like the idea of having a bunch of tools displayed on the wall, or would you rather stash them away in drawers?  If you’re a pegboard fanatic, what makes you love it so?  And for that matter, if you’re really a pegboard fan, link us a picture of your beloved holey wall.

Of course, if you hate the stuff, we need to know that, too.


32 Responses to Hot or Not? Pegboard in the Shop

  1. Batfish says:

    I love the stuff.

  2. Randy says:

    Moderately hot. It’s not my favorite, but it is very handy. I only have a 4’x4′ piece, and it’s pretty full. I’m not into covering every vertical surface with it though.

  3. Andrew says:

    Pegboard is handy for storing tools that are bulky/don’t fit well into drawers, or that are commonly used at the bench. I love my dad’s setup, but haven’t had the need to put up a board of my own yet.

  4. James says:

    I will repost what I wrote in another completely unrelated article now that it’s actually on-topic. 🙂

    There was a lot of pegboard in my house when I bought it and I even went out and got a kit with all the different pieces, including the plastic clips.

    The plastic clips slightly reduced the frustration, but I was still left with the layout problem. Getting everything to fit without overlap was an annoying exercise that I had to go through every time I bought a new tool. Eventually, it got so that I often had to remove two or three tools to get at the one I wanted. The only parts I was satisfied with were the screwdriver holders, and you could easily do that effectively with a piece of wood with a series of holes.
    When I ripped my basement apart to create a big shop, I put the pegboards aside to put back up when I was finished. Later on, I came to my senses and threw them out with the rest of the debris.

    Hopefully, I’ll get the shop finished soon (I just got my Fuego the other day and it rocks!) and I can start in on organisation that won’t drive me up the wall. I plan on building the rolling tool chest from ShopNotes 79 first, and then a few other projects, also from ShopNotes.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t hang anything. I will definitely hang my screwdrivers and wrenches. I will also build custom holders for some other tools, like my cordless tools and their chargers. Try that with pegboard.

  5. nrChris says:

    I have one 4′ x 8′ pegboard over my workbench. The jury is still out–I just switched to the screw-lock pegboard hooks, and so far I am loving them. I also am experimenting with magnets and 18ga steel sheets screwed into the wall–tomorrow I will share a photo of the setup.

  6. Brent says:

    Hot. While I don’t decorate the place with it. I do like it for those odd things. I especially like it for storing supplies, like the stuff that you buy at the store hanging on pegs. I find that it easier to organize and find some supplies than keeping them in a box or drawer.

    Of course, everything in moderation.

  7. Ken says:

    I stash my good tools in a drawer or file cabinet,it keeps people from asking to borrow them.If someone asks if I have a certain tool they can borrow I tell them I don’t have the tool.What they can’t see they can’t ask to borrow.

  8. Fletcher says:

    I reserve pegboard for a set of box-end wrenches (keeps them handy, very easy to grab the right one quickly without digging through my somewhat messy toolboxes) and for hammers and mallets (which don’t fit well in my small, cheap boxes.) I tried pegboarding most of my hand tools at one point and just kept finding myself taking them down and boxing them up to take them somewhere.

  9. eschoendorff says:

    Pegboard has it’s place. It’s not gonna take the place of a tool box, but I like pegboard in the garage to hang up packages of various consumables (wife brushes, roloc pads) and some frequently used tools (screwdrivers).

  10. Michael says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I usually store my tools in drawers, dedicated boxes-cases-bags, or in my bench. That’s just me. I’ve tried it before (spent weeks getting everything “just right”), but it just didn’t stick for me. So I pulled it down and went from scratch. I have one magnetic tool strip I use for “rough” wood chisels and rasps.

    Might be a flaw in my character though.

  11. Stuart says:

    Peg board quite simply sucks (As I mentioned earlier) – so what do I use then? A combination of the usual cabinet drawers, tool bags (open topped electrician style) and rare earth magnets.

    I supose if I was a weekend warrior that bought things based on Bob Vila’s advice to hang pictures or loosen that dang rusty bolt with a ‘Craft a matic miracle bolt gripper’ every spring type of guy, then peg board would suffice to proudly display my ‘homeowners special” door crasher bargoon, ‘makes a perfect father’s day gift’ crap. But baby jars of rusty bent nails? NEVER!!!!


  12. Richie says:

    pegboards do have their place but i believe that magnetic strips/bars and those new rubbermaid/gladiator rails are pushing the pegboard out of commission. pegboards look old and make the garage/workshop look out of date.

  13. Brian C. says:

    I have a small piece of pegboard above my workbench that I have a collection of tools on that I get out constantly, including a bin for those plastic ‘keys’ for my saws. Also on that board is the Crescent’s RapidRrench (jury still out on that one), Husky’s flip-pliers, some screw drivers, shop scissors, etc. Most everything else is in drawers and toolboxes. I used to have a much larger 4×8 sheet, but when I moved to this house, the garage does not actually have a 4×8 section of wall that doesn’t have SOMETHING in the way. Ergo, it never got put back up. I haven’t missed it all that much.

    Hot or Not? Me? Tepid – Lukewarm at best. I’m already thinking of replacing the one above my workbench with the magnetic strips.

  14. kythri says:

    eschoendorff said it as best as I could.

    I have a rollaway toolbox that I prefer to keep my stuff in, but the pegboard works out for all that other miscellaneous stuff that never seems to have a place in a drawer.

  15. Trevor D. says:

    It is useful at times, but I generally despise the stuff. It depends alot on how neatly everything is arranged and organized on it. Glossy painted metal peg board is good, wood peg board looks retarded.

  16. Tom says:

    Our house came with a workbench (score) in the basement. It has a huge pegboard above it that goes all the way to the ceiling. I thought I would rip it out because I hate pegboard. About a week after we moved in my father-in-law came by with a box full of hangers for the pegboard. I started by putting up some wrenches, then this then that and next thing you know: I had the pegboard covered. Now I think its great, but I’m not convinced that I would put pegboard up myself.

  17. Bruce says:


    they come in handy … until the hook comes out with the tool … naturally the hook will always fall in an inconvient place so it will be hard to retrieve … the plactic hook binders get in the way … just thinking about it I change my mind …

    Cold! they’re a pain in the butt

  18. Cyberkender says:

    I’m of the opinion that pegboard is okay, but not great. There are several things that I like to hang instead of stick in a drawer, so pegboard fits the job. However, without good hangers, pegboard is a pain, and there are alternatives that work just as well.
    It also depends on budget. Having enough drawer space to house all of your tools, without piling them in, is expensive, not to mention having the shop space for all of those drawers. When I can afford a dedicated 40’x40′ shop full of tools, then I might not hang anything on pegboard.

  19. Bill says:

    I have pegboard behind one of my benches and it’s handy for hanging tools I use at the bench. Practically everything you buy these days is somehow or another designed to hang on similar systems in the store. I find my family thinking nothing of hanging this that and the other on my pegs since all packaging has a suitable hook or hole built right in. If I could somehow just keep blister packs of unopened thumbtacks off the board I’d be ahead of the game.

  20. Eli says:

    I agree with several points. Pegboard’s only good for hanging in-package expendables, like screw-eyes, tape, shelf pin packets, etc. Wrenches, scissors, block planes, bench brush, awl, channellocks, pliers, a couple sticks of all-thread all stick to two 24″ magnetic bars. Much easier to rearrange, the bar doesn’t come off the wall. I might buy two more.

  21. ambush27 says:

    I’ve found pegboard to be like most “tools”, it has its uses but its usually not the right one for the job.

  22. Cybergibbons says:

    I love it at work – the whole wall in a big multi-user workshop is covered in it to hold all the spanners, wrenches, stilsons, sockets, ratchets and so on. It’s good because 8 people work there, and no one would every agree on a good way to organise toolboxes. It’s easy to see what is missing as well.

    I hate it at home though. I just find that I end up taking it all down to put in a toolbox to take out somewhere. And it was above my chest freezer (which was also a workbench), so everytime I fumbled or one of the clips came off, it went down the back and was lost until I could be bothered moving it.

  23. It can be done right, and when it is it’s valuable when used in a limited fashion. I can’t see covering whole walls with it. I’ve know those that have. I use it only for those hand tools that are grabbed, used, then replaced.

  24. Bob says:

    I actually like the stuff. Home Depot sells a silver colored pegboard in 2’x4′ and 4’x8′ sizes. I like having my often-used tools hanging within easy reach above the workbenches. I have three benches, so I keep the tools associated with each tool above each bench. It’s also a great organizational tool for me. I KNOW when a tool is missing, and where each tool should go when I’m done with it.

  25. Here’s an interesting use of pegboard and wire for an “under-desk gadget mount”:

  26. Clyde says:

    Resurrecting an old thread, I’m wondering if anybody has tried the Bunjipeg system on their pegboard. (http://www.bunjipeg.com). I’ve been holding off on installing a pegboard because hooks have always been a nuisance.

  27. Manny says:


    For the garage, I prefer a solid work bench accompanied by a well organized pegboard of tools in a heart beat as opposed to expensive bulky tool chests.

    I find any excuse to do work around the house, therefore I’m doing it alot. I can get anything done in my garage with that set up especially with a bench grinder on one side and a vise on the other.

    Only careless joes with poor work ethic loose their tools. In fact, I find it way easier to see if a tool is missing with pegboard rather than not realizing anything is missing by having it all hidden away in drawers and chests. The fact that it looks nice and impresses visitors is just a bonus, not the purpose. I find practiaclity in it. I’m just defending standard pegboards from the nay sayers.

  28. aaron says:

    Gotta have it. I have a nice well organized box for my tools, but it’s the best place possible for gaskets and tape and parts that i need out of the way for a while. Anything i don’t want to get greasy or crushed on one of my shelves or in a parts bin of doom, i jut hang on the wall. As for white and glossy vs. natural wood, you have to be kidding me. I’m not a ‘paint the workbench to match my shop stool’ kind of guy, so i think decorated pegboard is hilarious. Grubby wood looks good and grubby white paint looks as bad as it gets. And I sure as hell ain’t pulling everything down for an annual repaint!

  29. Paul Lapczynski says:

    Pegboard is evil!!! Hooks are a pain since the fall out (even the good ones). It’s also like advertising – “Look what I have! Please come rob me.”

  30. justin says:

    For those that are vane enough to worry about the “look” over the function, this might be a solution for them:


  31. Nick says:

    I hate peg board beacuse the dam pegs always fall off. So I spent some time on the internet to find a different product. Came acorss this Peg Lock system. I purchased a few boards to see what it was like. I love the shit! The pegs lock in to place and never fall out. I suggest you check it out for yourself. http://www.peglock.com
    I will never use peg board again!

  32. Mike says:

    Peg board made today SUCKS if you try to access one of the tools hanging on a new peg board hook or what ever the clip pops out and the tool that was hanging along with the clip is on the FRICKING ground. Nice job peg board, worthless set up don’t waste your money.

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