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You may have heard Chuck mention that I’m, well, somewhat frugal.  That’s an understatement.  I’m cheap-ass Toolmonger.  For me, shelling out the green is like parting with children; I just can’t bring myself to do it.  So when I saw the Task Force jigsaw at Lowe’s the other day for just $19.97, even the inner cheapness in me said… maybe. 

Just from looking at the box, I’d say that I’ve seen more menacing looking bread slicers, but at this price point we’re not exactly interested in looks, are we?  The truth lies in the stats: a four amp motor, 800 to 3,000 strokes per minute, a keyless blade clamp, and a max wood cutting capacity of almost three inches.  Not so bad.

Actually, it sounds pretty good.  Yeah, it’s probably cheap crap, but for under $20 I might have to go pick one up and check it out just to see how it does under actual working conditions.

Hey, it’s not like you’re betting the farm picking one of these things up.  Have any of you given ’em a shot yet?

Task Force Variable Speed Jigsaw [Lowe’s]


13 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Task Force Variable Speed Jigsaw

  1. James says:

    I have a $20 Skil jigsaw. It really sucks and I should have saved my money. One time I got so frustrated with the bits slipping out, I finished a job with my trusty reciprocating saw.

    According to what I’ve read on the subject of jigsaws, the barrel-grip ones are the best, but they’re not so popular in North America. I’m waiting for someone to release a decent cheap barrel-grip jigsaw since I can’t justify the $180 for the Bosch model. (Are you listening Canadian Tire?)

  2. nrChris says:

    I went for a cheapo starter jig. Not a good use of money, and mine wasn’t that cheap. The slop in blade action made for some very interesting interpretations of the cuts that I’d intended to make. You live and you learn.

  3. Cyberkender says:

    $20 is cheap, but I still think I’d save my money. I was using a borrowed Black and Decker jigsaw, one that’s about $50, and it was pretty weak. I was trying to make straight cuts through some 3/4″ plywood, and the blades kept bending sideways. Nothing seemed to be actually wrong with the jigsaw, but the experience just reinforced my feeling that one should buy quality tools, even if the price is rather high, when one can afford them. (Bosch is on my list too. 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    What I notice in cheap jigsaws is that they vibrate a lot. A really good jigsaw like the Bosch is so smooth you can stay on your cut line and don’t feel like you got your hand on some sort of a vibrating exersize machine or something. What you pay for in an expensive jigsaw is that smooth action I guess. Power is useless if you cannot control it. So if this thing runs smoothly, it is a good deal at any price.

  5. Michael says:

    I own this jigsaw and I have owned other “cheap” jigsaws. I will say that you get what you pay for… however, that said, this is one of the best jigsaws that I have used. It definatley contends with models of higher price and is plenty strong for weekend hobbies. I wouldn’t try to use it in a long term professional setting, but if all you want to do is cut some lines in some stock on the weekends… I would definatley spend the $20 bucks on this saw and spend the money you saved on some decent lumber!

  6. Teacher says:

    I wore out a cheapo B&D jig saw in about a year. I replaced it with a Bosch 1590 and it’s some of the best tool money I ever spent. Difference is night and day.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I bought this product and I love it. Easy to handle, grips firm and it has power. 61 grandma and I have little strength and this jigsaw worked great. Love how easy it was to change the blades.

  8. Randy says:

    Save your money! I bought this and the blade holder is worthless, the blade keeps coming out and now the holder is broke after minimal usage.

    This is crap!!!

  9. Dan says:

    Not a bad tool but impossible to get close to the walls or other obstructions. Also the Blade inserter plastic part broke off and now it is trash. Unless someone knows how to or where to get it repaired.

  10. jkeysgate@att.net says:

    how do u get the blade out

  11. Phil says:

    I bought one and it worked fine for awhile then when I replaced the blade (Just push in the twin levers on each side of the blade, insert blade and release levers) but now that I changed the blsde it won’t stay in. I pulled levers out and can not pull the blade out so it is locked. But, as soon as I begin to saw the blade pops out. Lowess will not help me at all so I am really pissed at them.

  12. My Task Force jig saw broke the third time I used it. The pot metal blade holder came apart, and the blade came flying out with pieces of metal from the holder. Don’t waste your $20.00 on this tool.

  13. Reyem6 says:

    I bought the task force jig saw about 4 years ago. I got three good years out of it, now the blades don’t hold anymore. Of course this started happening when I really needed it! Projects on hold until new jig saw purchased.

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