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Joe recommended Microsun’s table lamps for craft and hobby table work to us because they make so much light.  He writes: “These lamps make approximately 6,000 lumens on 68 watts of power.  I’ve had one for years in my office, and it creates an almost daylight effect.  They’re great lamps for indoor use.  I wish they made something specifically for the shop.  They do have two regular 25W incandescent lamps that you can use like night lights by placing them on a separate switch.”

The website’s vague about is how their lightbulbs generate different colored light, but they claim that their bulbs produce more “daylight-correct” lighting — more so than halogen, fluorescent, or metal-halide bulbs.  (But aren’t halogen lights incandescent?  Hmm.)

Anyway, at first glance, the Microsun site appears to only sell lamps.  But if you click on the “Replacements” tab at the top of the page, you’ll see that you can buy the Microsun bulbs themselves for $28 each.

At $200+, the lamps are a bit excessive, it’d seem.

Microsun Lamps & Bulbs [Corporate Site]


10 Responses to Reader Find: Microsun Lamps

  1. nrChris says:

    They are probably color corrected with a colored powder mixture on the inside of the bulb. It basically works, from a photographers perspective, you can only push or pull a light color so far–but this seems to be within an acceptable range.

    I am currently getting by with dual fluorescents over my workbench, and I would like a solution that gives me a more diffused light–to me the quality of the light is much more important than the color.

  2. Uh – these ARE metal halide lamps. As such, they’ll only work when driven by a special ballast; you can’t use them in a standard socket.

    (Actually, I bet you can’t _physically_ screw them into a standard socket, unless Microsun are pretty dumb. No good can come from mixing up incandescent and halide bulbs.)

  3. Jeff T says:

    They sure do look like metal halides that I’ve seen at work!
    Concept seems cool, but things don’t add up here?

  4. NickC says:

    Can I use the Microsun bulb in my own lamp at home?
    The Microsun bulb is unlike any other. If our bulb was purchased and installed in the socket of an ordinary lamp, it would not turn on. Our bulbs require a special power supply, installed on every Microsun table and floor lamp, which allows it to operate correctly.

  5. Paul says:

    Nice item! The older I get the more light I always want to work with. Working in the dark just isn’t a formula for good results for me.

  6. Steve K says:

    I’ve been using a Microsun floor lamp for several years now and I’m mostly happy with it. Pros: Generates a lot of light (more than 500W halogens) without too much heat. Energy efficient. Cons: Takes a while (like several minutes) to reach full brightness.

  7. Leonor Cruz says:

    I have been using Microsun lamps and lightbulbs for years and I find them to be excellent indoor lighting. The bulbs last a very long time therefore making them worth the $28.00 price. I love the white light emanating from the lamps and I can read or do any task at all hours of the night without eye strain.

    What more can I say? I think Microsum lamps are great and will continue to use them as long as they are available.

  8. joshua Lassiter 3rd. says:

    I bought a used microsun lamp and would like to know how to find out if the microsun bulb will work before I spend the big bucks,can the ballast be damaged if another bulb is installed.

  9. gary roose says:

    i used to work for microsun,these are the best lamp’s you can buy,the lighting is very crisp and clean and the bulb’s last forever.Buy a lamp and set it in your office or living room and watch what happen’s when you turn it on.Working on the laptop is so much easier on your eye’s and there’s no glare on tv screen’s.Closest thing to natural sunlight you can get,worth every penny and no you can not use these bulb’s in a regular lamp, the ballast was specifically designed for these bulb’s

  10. Jan Noelle says:

    We have four Microsun lamps. We are avid readers and have never found anything to compare with the perfect
    lighting these lamps supply. My eyes are dry and more sensitive to glaring lights, so we wanted to buy a couple of new Microsun lamps for our new house. We can’t believe they have so few selections these days.
    We have two wooden table lamps and two great floor lamps ( not brass ). We will buy up some bulbs and kits to make sure we are never without our Microsun lamps.

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