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We asked all the Toolmongers out there about a couple of products recently, and here’s what you told us:

Patio Heaters: Not.
The majority of readers say that these type of heaters will be painfully hot nearby and worthless just a few feet away — though some suggested that with proper wind blocking they can help.  Others pointed out that you can get the kind that mount directly to the top of a propane tank cheaper, and still others recommended we just suck it up and freeze our asses off.  You’re a hearty lot, aren’t you?

Crescent’s RapidRench: Not.
Though some of you thought it might be ok, the majority indicated that you wouldn’t be willing to give up other tools for it — even if it reduces your carry-load.  One reader who bought one to avoid carrying extra tools onto roofs when he installs satellite dishes said it was “painful to use professionally after a short period of time.”  Ouch!

Hardwood Plier Tool Chest: Not.
While some of you liked the wood construction, you almost unanimously suggested cheaper and better solutions for storing pliers — ranging from a coffee cup to pegboard.  Check out comments on the post for some great ideas for small tool storage.

We’ve got some more tools for you to thumbs-up/thumbs-down next week.  Check back soon.


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  1. nrChris says:

    Does anyone know of a reasonable method for heating a patio? Particularly, a deck. I can think of a lot of ways to heat it, but all of them will kill my home heating budget. No getting around the inherent problem of all that open space. Maybe my next patio will have heated flooring.

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