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We’ve decided to extend our Submit a Tool, Win a Tool offer, and we’re offering up some of the smaller post-test tools hanging around the office.  This week we’re going to send one to our favorite tool submission.  If you’ve got a minute, drop us a line using the Submit a Tool form and let us know what’s in your shop that we should have in ours.

Submit a Tool [Toolmonger, of course]


2 Responses to Submit a Tool, Win a Tool

  1. J. Spaulding says:

    Take a look at the new Stanley Quick Spike. It an accessory used with a chalk reel line or masons line to attach the end of a string to most surfaces. The device has a retractable hardened pin that you push into a surface with your hand or use a rap with a hammer.

    The cool side feature I like is that when I’m doing roofing jobs, I can jab this thing into the plywood roof and it stays there until I need it. Now rhe reel isn’t taking up any room in my pouch.

  2. Eli says:

    Submitted already, in October.

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