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If air powered ratchets are an option where you’re working, you might try the Znex CI-3120 cordless.  It’s a bit chunkier than both a hand ratchet or an air-powered ratchet, but if you don’t have air and aren’t feeling like busting knuckles, the CI-3120 might fill the void. 

The 3120 is powered by a 12V NiCd battery and comes packaged with a 45 minute fast charger — all in a molded case.  Its business end features a 200 rpm free-load speed and delivers a claimed 45 ft-lb of max torque, though we’re a bit skeptical about that figure.

The $190 price tag is a bit hefty, too, when you consider that you could purchase a complete set of basic air tools and still have half left over to stash away towards an air compressor.  And most air tools can deliver more torque as well.

CI-3120 12-Volt Cordless Ratchet [Znex]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


9 Responses to Finds: Znex’s Cordless Ratchet

  1. kythri says:

    Man, other than the bulk of the 18V One+ batteries, this would be something I’d _LOVE_ to see as part of the Ryobi One+ line.

    I’ve got their One+ Impact Driver, but I really don’t like the 1/4″-ish hex adapter deal that steps up to 3/8″ and 1/2″. I wish they would have put a 1/2″ drive deal on it, and put step-down adapters in the box with it.

    As far as this deal goes, I’d like to see a nice small-ish 6V 1/4″ drive ratchet. That’d be handy as hell.

  2. MikeSac says:

    Looks pretty handy, but they’re going to need to halve the price before I’ll even consider buying one.

  3. TimG says:

    If this were ‘hot or not’ it’d be not! Why not make a MUCH cheaper corded version? I’ve often found eletric tools can make much more torque then their air counterpart, and we all know that the air ratchets fall short of anything needed significant torque.

    I’d love to have a compact corded version making 60 ft-lbs or something.. cords aren’t THAT bad (we need to see more inexpensive corded tools… kinda tired of all the new cordless ones that have big price tags)

    Sometimes you just want to get the job done, and messing around with an extension cord isn’t THAT bad.


  4. Randy says:

    I’m leaning towards “Not Hot”. I don’t get it. Expensive, bulky, and looks heavy too. For general ratcheting, I can’t see how this beats a normal ratchet. Maybe because you don’t have to crank it, so the head can get into a smaller place.

    I’m much more interested in the cordless electric impact wrenches on their site than I am with this. Corded would be fine too.

  5. Rick says:

    I’m a fan of the cordless stuff, but at the end of the day if you spend some time in properly setting up your workspace (assuming you’re not always on the go and working in a different workspace all of the time… ) then I’m with TimG.. using a corded tool shouldn’t be painful.

    I would tend to use this on my car… and I tend to work on my car in my garage. And I’ve got one of these ceiling mounted cord reels installed above my engine compartment. I also have a light reel. Mine are from Harbor Freight, but I’m cheap. But you can get these pretty much anywhere, and at all kinds of different price points. Well worth the time/effort/cost to get these and install them in a convenient location.

    I don’t always use my power outlet one, but my light reel I use pretty much EVERY time I pull out a tool to do anything on the car.

  6. Bruce says:

    I’m with Tim on the corded idea. To me it’s as much or more trouble to fool with a charger and batteries than to drag a cord around. An electric rachet would be nice for working in tightly confined spaces.

  7. Jeff T says:

    Have’nt you guys seen the 12V Ridgid right-angle impact (AKA impact that looks like a cordless air ratchet)? It’s like this… Seems nice.

  8. Doug says:

    I work in the field and have to deal with machines that have many small bolts and screws that hold panels together. After years of having to listen to a compressor run, you really appreciate the cordless tools. You can go up into a job site with one bag and have all that you need to get the job done, and these ratchets take up about as much room as a meter. For spinning in/out lots of bolts, not for big torque items mind you, these things are the ticket. And in the field you don’t always have the option to use a corded tool, unless you want to run it off your welder, and who wants to listen to that mess all day, I sure don’t.

  9. bubbatron says:

    I work with it daily. Works for me. I thought I bust it! No! pretty tough gizmo! I would say for the pro it is worth it. For the around the house type, no. It is not cheap. Good tool overall.

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