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MikeC wrote us regarding a funny commercial he saw on TV — think “Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!” — regarding DR’s new wood splitter.  Though they do have a reputation for somewhat a somewhat excessive TV sales pitch, they also make some pretty nice gear, including the wood splitter.

Their electric splitter — most are gas powered — handles logs up to 16″ thick via a motor-powered hydraulic ram that drives the wood against a fixed wedge.  (The site has a great animated graphic to explain it, assuming you haven’t seen a splitter in operation already.

This strikes me as the kind of tool that’d work well for the “weekend outdoors” type — people who have some land, but aren’t going to be out miles from home splitting logs.  (Obviously you’re going to need power within a relatively short distance of the unit.)

DR offers a couple of units: a six ton for $674 and a five ton for $494.  If you don’t mind a slightly diminished feature set, they sell their now-discontinued six ton model for $489 and their discontinued five ton for $389.  The feature differences are significant, though.  Check their site (below) for details.

Electric/Hydraulic Wood Splitter [DR]



5 Responses to Reader Find: DR’s Electric Wood Splitter

  1. Roscoe says:

    While obviously underpowered, this would be a handy unit to have in a garage or basement wood room to split logs without fumes.

  2. Denise says:

    I have just recently looked into making a purchase of an electric hydraulic wood splitter. Dr 5 ton or the Swift Split by Mantis. I need a little help outside of the axe & maul! I am a Long Island NY resident that splits wood now in the driveway. I prefer pumping up the wood stove to heat the house than the gas company. I’d like to know if anyone out there has either of these units and how they feel about them. DR is a horizontal unit vs. the Mantis vertical. My back is not sure which one will be best. Pro’s and Con’s will be appreciated.

  3. Mark says:

    I purchased the discontinued 6 ton from DR and for the price I am quite happy with it. I burn a good bit of wood and it handles many nasty and large logs. For the few that it didn’t I still had my back breaking handy maul.
    This was the first year I have used it so hopefully I get several more seasons use.

  4. justen says:

    Hi I am a grade 12 student starting a summer business supplying firewood and need a splitter. What do you recommend. I hope to sell about eight cords a week.

    • PutnamEco says:

      need a splitter. What do you recommend

      I like Timber Wolfs, something in the 25-30 ton range should do nicely. Tractor mounted (pto driven) can be conveinent if it suits your lot. If your really serious about it, you’ll want a firewood processor, so you can turn that 8 cords per week into a part time job.

      I can’t post links.
      timberwolfcorp is what your looking for.

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