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Everything from trash bags to drill bits flex these days.  While drooling on some tool catalogs recently, we came across this flex-head adjustable wrench and thought, “Why not?” All the other hand tools out now flex — why not a good ‘ole fashioned adjustable?

Really the only thing that makes a “flex” head tool different from anything else is the hinge on the neck that allows whatever head is on the other end to pivot.  Sure, an flex adjustable will be a bit hard to keep on the fastener, but it falls into the classic “when you need one, you need one” category as far as we’re concerned.

We found this one in the Jegs catalog, and it looks like a nice 8” chrome wrench. It’s probably made in China, but super strength and totally accuracy isn’t always necessary when you’re talking about an adjustable — and especially one you’re not going to use all the time.

Street pricing starts at $14.

Flex Head Adjustable Wrench [Jegs]
Street Pricng [Froogle]


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  1. eschoendorff says:

    Eh…. skip it.

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