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Porter-Cable’s dropping news today about this oil-free pancake-style air compressor — complete with 13-piece hose and accessory kit — that’s supposed to hit shelves in a few weeks.  Operating at 150 psi, it’ll cram a good bit of air in that small tank, and its low-amp-draw motor should go easy on your long extension cord.

The accessory kit includes a 1/4″ air hose with quick-connect coupler, a tire gauge, a tire chuck, a blow gun, and a 5-piece OSHA safety nozzle with inflator adapters.  The whole thing weighs 34 lbs., which should be pretty easy to carry.

With a tank this small (6 gallons), it delivers ony 3.7 SCFM @ 40 psi — and 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi — which means it’ll work well for nailers, but you’re not going to run an air wrench off it for any length of time.  I’d suspect, however, that the nailer market is this unit’s target.

We’ll have to see how its pricing looks next month to get an idea of how it fits into a market already heavily loaded with this type of compressor.

150 PSI, 6 Gal. Compressor [Porter-Cable]



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