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We’ve written about Crescent’s RapidRrench before, but we’d like to know what you think about it.  Cooper Tools claims this’ll “accommodate up to 38 different bolt/nut sizes,” but will it round ’em off?

More to the point, even if you wouldn’t give up correctly-sized wrenches, would this make sense in a situation where you’d sacrifice the perfect tool for an OK tool that’s smaller (and cheaper), like maybe homeowner’s toolkit?  Or a car emergency kit?

And most significantly — do any of you own one of these?

Let us know in comments.


10 Responses to Hot or Not? Crescent’s RapidRrench

  1. Stuart says:

    Well, I wouldn’t give up my wrenches or sockets, but I’d consider using this instead of an adjustable crescent wrench.

  2. Old Donn says:

    Access is the issue, (again). Look at the size of this thing. A decent crescent wrench would be a better choice, especially for a homeowner tool kit.

  3. Brian C. says:

    I own one of these and keep it on my workbench. For quick tightening, it’s a time saver. For a major project? Forget it – I’ll grab the right tool out of the toolbox. This tool is very useful for turning odd objects, though – such as screw-eyes, ceiling hooks and wing-nuts. In my opinion, it’s a decent tool with a useful niche, but not a tool to replace my wrenches and sockets.

  4. Rob says:

    I’ve played around with one of these and I thought it was pretty neat. I didn’t think it was $30 neat but if someone gave me one I’d use it.

  5. eschoendorff says:

    This reminds me of the Craftsman Pocket Socket. At least that was made in the USA!

  6. Bryan says:

    I picked this up at HD for my father-in-law as an X-mas gift. It seemed like a well-made tool, and like it might come in handy.

  7. JeffT says:

    Not. Definitely not hot.
    I had one of these for about a week to install satellite dishes so that I wouldnt have to take a whole tool belt up on a roof and multiple sockets, etc.
    This thing started slipping and got really painful to use professionally after a short period of time. I thought it was

  8. HunterB says:

    About the only way to get this thing hot is with a butane torch and a pair of tongs.

    The head really isn’t servicable in most applications and can’t fit anywhere. A good concept but not the best useability out there.

  9. jose says:

    i like it

  10. Ben Eby says:

    Again I have to agree, I bought one of these to see how it stacked up to mine and it was no contest, plus my socket can go on power drivers and air- ratchets etc and this thing cannot- I actually did a torque test to see what it would hold on a 1/2 headed bolt – 86 ftlbs and the stampings in the top were destroyed and the whole thing came apart

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