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It may seem a bit lot trivial, but the first thing most people gripe about after getting their finely tuned ride back after from trip to the local wrench jockey (read: you) is that they have to re-program the radio.  Be calm.  The first thing you need to do is refrain from choking them on the spot.  The next thing you need to do is find a code maintainer that will skirt the whole issue next time. 

A code maintainer keeps all the user programmed selections in stasis while the battery is disconnected — which happens quite a bit around the Toolmonger shop.  The procedure isn’t difficult.  Just connect battery clips to a 12 volt battery and plug the cigarette plug into the vehicles cigarette socket before you disconnect the battery in the vehicle.

For about $20 it would be great to have around the shop if sans-battery maintenance is in your future>  Just keep an extra battery with a bit of a charge lying around the shop — we’ve got one — and you’re good to go.

NSV03 Code Maintainer [Ferret Instruments]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Stop Losing Radio Settings When You Pull The Battery

  1. For about $20, you can build a dozen of these. Just take a 9v battery snap, through a diode, to a scrap lighter plug. Really, who doesn’t have a pile of those salvaged from equipment that was getting junked?

    Since system voltage drops as low as six volts during cranking, radios have to put up with that sort of input fluctuation. Nine is plenty to keep the memory awake, and the inherent current limit of the battery ensures that you won’t arc anything if you happen to touch the back-powered leads while you’re working.

    Another handy use for the camera in the shop: Kick it into movie mode, point at the radio’s display, and stab through all the preset buttons. If you need to reprogram the thing, go frame by frame in the video.

  2. Bill Marcy says:

    Ebay has these kinds of things for sale, I picked one up for .99 cents.

    Great idea, just a bit pricey.

  3. SuperJdynamite says:

    … or you could put that $20 towards one of the Black and Decker battery boosters you had on the site a while ago.

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