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Face it: Sometimes when you’re working on your car you need someone else to sit in the seat and push a pedal or hold the wheel straight.  And sometimes you need your getaway car to drive off the cliff — without you in it.

It’s usually at this point that you go and find someone else from your family — personal or crime — who’s, um, less than fully interested in the task at hand and waylay them into doing the job. 

Why not just save yourself the whole hassle and pick up a steering wheel holder and pedal depressor kit?  And even if you have ample help around the shop, it’s pretty much impossible to do your own alignments without one.

As the clever naming might suggest, the kit consists of a steering wheel holder to hold the steering wheel for toe-in/toe-out work and centering the steering wheel , and a pedal depressor for use in tune-ups, brake jobs, clutch work, engine diagnosis, setting RPM speed, air conditioning work, and cylinder balance tests.

Both tools are made from steel rods with a metal cross piece to hook to a pedal or wheel on one end and the seat on the other.  So ,if your ride is missing the drivers’ seat, you’re screwed; this isn’t going to work for you.  But anything works better than a couple bricks behind or on top of a pedal and a rope tied to the wheel.  Seriously.

Street pricing starts at $22.

Steering Wheel Holder and Pedal Depressor Kit [Tool Aid]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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