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This photo is just one of half a dozen or so on the linked site showing some of the incredibly stupid and crazy crap people do with ladders.  Some of my favorites — other than this one, of course — are using power tools on a ladder in the middle of a swimming pool and building your own 60′ high ladder out of scrap lumber to change a street lamp bulb.

Check it out.  Then remember it the next time you think, “I could just reach it if…”

Safety Above Everything Else [Knuttz.net, Warning: This page is SFW, but the site isn’t always]


3 Responses to Doh! If Your Ladder Doesn’t Reach, Get a Bigger Ladder

  1. Bowen says:

    Nice to see Darwin is still hard at work, despite being very dead.

  2. The Naval Safety Center Photo of the Week often features a ladder. Or two. Sometimes several.

  3. Jim D says:

    My feet ache looking at those pictures.

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