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When I run across someone who can do crazy-cool things with wood or metal, I’m impressed.  But whenever I hear about someone going out of their way to share their knowledge with others — often simply because they wish to perpetuate the art — that person instantly has my respect.

I came across this article in the Register-Mail Online today about Robert Loving — a 65-year-old retired food safety specialist who makes his living carving figurines (selling for $5 to $500) but takes time out to teach carving classes to adults.

This article’s just a good read.  They talk about how Loving “makes his own carving knives so they fit his hands perfectly,” and how a client once “gave him a set of carving knives that had belonged to her grandfather who’d come [to the US] from Sweeden.”  Check it out if you have a chance.

Carving Out His Niche [The Register-Mail Online]


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