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Sizod writes: “This is absolutely the best tool for installing and removing six and twelve point fittings on hose and hard tubing connections.  It’s also useful for hex head bolts in tight locations.”

This is essentially a ratcheting box-end wrench that opens up to surround the fastener — so you don’t have to worry about slipping off it.  Think of it as a “super-flare-wrench.”

They come in both standard handle and square-drive versions as well as sets, and they claim a 30-degree ratchet rotation, which seems too large to brag about, considering that GearWrench offers a 5-degree rotation.  Of course, GearWrench doesn’t offer this type of head, though.

One last note…  Cooper Tools gonna sue someone.

Rapid Wrenches [Kell-Strom]


2 Responses to Reader Find: The Kel-Storm Rapid Wrench

  1. I’ve come this —>

  2. dave says:

    Wow, is this something NOT new. A number of companies have been selling this tool for a long time, usually called a ratcheting flare nut wrench, also a ratcheting line wrench. Sears even carries it in its Craftsman catalog under the Imperial brand made by Stride Tool. Among the companies that offer sets of varying sizes are Armstrong, Proto, and JH Williams (Snap-on’s industrial division). It’s not a typical automotive tool though.

    And exactly who is Cooper Tools going to sue, and why? Danaher makes GearWrench, not Cooper. Noob.

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