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If you’ve made the decision to go the hand operated route vis a vis shrubbery surgery, some heavy duty gear is in order, like Fiskars’ gear-driven lopper — the PowerGear. 

The handles on the big lopper are nylon-fiberglass composite that Fiskars calls “Nyglass,”  which they also claim is extremely difficult to break.  The blade is good ‘ole hardened steel with an innovative non-stick coating and connects to a gear mechanism that Fiskars says reduces the force required to operate the tool by half.

Oh yeah, and it looks like a medieval torture device.  I think that fits in great with trimming hedges, which I think of as torture anyway.The loppers come in 18” 21” and 31” sizes and pricing starts at around $20 for the 18” version.

PowerGear Bypass Lopper [Fiskars]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Fiskars’ PowerGear Bypass Lopper

  1. Tim says:

    These are OUTSTANDING lopping shears. I have used and abused them like crazy and they keep on ticking. The gear mechanism allows you to easily cut through branches that are typically only the domain of saws, without destroying your arms.

  2. Pete M. says:

    These are the best tools I have ever purchased! Lightweight, durable, high-quality and well, I wish I could avoid a cliche – cut like a hot knife through butter.

  3. Jay D says:

    Have been using WOLF garten cutting tools for years. Best I’ve ever used. Unlike others I’ve tried, wolf’s tools have german quality steel. I recommend it for anyone wqho has tuff cutting or is a gardener.

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