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Nick’s had this tool bookmarked for a week or so, not sure whether or not it’s great or useless.  So, he shot it over to me.  I’m not sure, either.  We figured we’d ask you.

This jewelry-box looking contraption purports to be a one-stop-shop place to keep lal your microtools, with a drawer and tray for screwdrivers and hemostats and a uniquely-shaped index on top to hold micro-pliers.

I like the wood look, but I’m not sure I have enough micro-tools to justify $30 for something like this.  What say you jewelry and electronics Toolmongers out there?  Let us know in comments.

Hardwood Plier & Tool Chest [Micro-Mark]


6 Responses to Hot or Not? Hardwood Plier Tool Chest

  1. Nick Carter says:

    I’d pass on it. I have a rack for my needle files, and I keep my pliers in a coffee cup, straddling the rim. When I have a particular job I usually just get out whatever tools I need and keep them on a shallow tray, or just on my workspace.
    I also have a test tube rack that I keep all my pin vises, jewelers screwdrivers and such in, and another desk caddy that I keep all my dental tools, scrapers and small (larger than jewelers, smaller than normal) files in.

    You can buy a good tool for $34.00….

  2. Trevor D. says:

    Looks retarded. It seems like I’d be gouging my fingers on those pliers up top every time I try to grab one. Like storing knives pointed side up on your kitchen counter. Brilliant.

  3. Paul says:

    I think it is pretty hot, I may have to make something like it someday maybe. I wouldn’t buy it though. It looks like too much fun to make to me. It reminds me of an an Akro bin on steriods a bit. Sometimes I use a whiskey tumbler on my desk to hold lots of miniture pliers on my desk when I am working. I’ll leave it to everyone’s imagination how empty whiskey tumblers end up on my work table to begin with…

  4. Chris Ball says:

    Nick, seeing your post reminded me of something I saw the other day, bucket boss makes a mini version that fits over a coffee mug. Thinkgeek sells ’em, among others doubtlessly.

    As to the actual rack, I’m a firm believer in having peg board behind the electronics desk, you can hang little cubbies off or hooks for all the micro tools as necessary, this is great for production work since you can quickly organize things to come to hand (and go back) quickly as you work.

  5. Eli says:

    this looks like something a watchmaker would have, only not as nice

  6. Selmo says:

    HF has had these for $10 at various points.

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