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I’ve posted links to a bunch of crazy articles lately where clueless people write knowledgably about tools.  Here’s one that’s not so bad.

Maureen Gilmer of DIY Network apparently contributed this bit, titled “Forget Diamonds, Get Women Quality Tools.”  A good start, yeah?  She then goes on:

Whether it’s knitting needles or a carving knife, women use more tools every day than most men. And yet women are most often overlooked by toolmakers. When they do make tools for women, they either give them bright color or downsize them for smaller hands, neither of which does much to help you get the job done.

Women don’t gloat over their tool collection like men do. Girls want just a few good tools that do what needs to get done. Oddly enough, the two best garden tools for girls have guy names: Leatherman and Pocketboy. Both are rarely found in stores and best bought online.

Let me start by saying that the rest of the article boils down to a great review of the Leatherman and Pocketboy, which is a must-read for anyone who does a lot of pruning — hence the “A+ for content.” 

But what’s this about women not “gloating over their tool collection like men do?”  Huh?  I enjoy my tool collection.  I even use it from time to time.  But I’m not so sure I gloat over it. 

Why does ever writer seem to feel the compelling need to condemn sexism in tool writing by perpetuating it?  Here’s my advice to everyone out there who’s planning on writing about tools for women: Do men and women a favor and just talk about the tool.  Skip the stereotypes and stick to the facts — like the rest of this well-written tool review.

Forget Diamonds, Get Women Quality Tools [FortWayne.com] 


2 Responses to Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: A+ for Content, D for Sexism

  1. From the article:
    “Leatherman makes the do-it-all Swiss army knife of the tool world.”

    Many people might suggest that the Swiss Army knife, since it is a tool, is the Swiss Army knife of the tool world.

    If not, then the Leatherman-shaped Victorinox tools must SURELY be the Swiss Army knives of the tool world.

    Who knew that a tool review would so quickly expand into a meditation on Platonic ideals, especially ones with interlocked recursive definitions!

  2. Paul says:

    I’m a guy and I’ll admit it I gloat over my tools all the time. I really like that Crunch model on the Leatherman site.

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