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Ever blow the gasket on your exhaust manifold?  We’re not admitting why we know this can happen — and rest assured it doesn’t involve fracturing the speed limit —  but it can happen.  Theoretically.  And if when it does, you might find that the manifold has warped and the holes don’t line up anymore.  That’s when you need a manifold spreader. 

A manifold spreader helps you expand a warped manifold so that all the bolt holes are accurately aligned.  This helps to prevent cross-threading of manifold bolts, which believe us isn’t something you want to deal with.  Just position the tool between two pipes and crank the center with an opened wrench. The tips will expand and push the pipes into place.

These really work best when used in pairs to distribute the force and adjust all the pipes simultaneously, so it’s best to order ’em in pairs.  You could also install and adjust them before removing the manifold to prevent misalignment.

Thankfully, they only street for around $30 each — way less than a new header and way, way easier than drilling and tapping the block.

Exhuast Monifold Spreader [Lisle]
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