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Nothing sucks more than over-driving a screw and screwing up (yuk yuk) a pretty piece of woodworking.  While Panasonic’s worked to prevent this error electronically, Festool’s got a simpler mechanical method.  Their Depth Stop chuck is designed to stop at (imagine this) a fixed depth, eliminating the need for torque stops.

The Depth Stop works with a clutch that maintains the preset depth.  This means the screw depth isn’t stopped by a torque control, so all screws will be set to the same depth.  The silver collar at the tip removes with a twist to allow bit changes, and the green ring at the rear is a hand crank that can back fasteners out a turn or two by hand.

The Depth Stop can be used with all Festool cordless drills..

Street pricing starts at $88.

DD-DC Depth Stop Chuck [Festool]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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