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We asked Toolmongers about a couple of tools this week, and here’s what you told us:

Shop Vacuum Drain Pump: Hot.
While those of us in basment-less Texas couldn’t see the usefulness, our Toolmonger friends from other states clued us in to how handt this is for clearing flooded basements.  Many readers also noted that more and more new high-end wet/dry vacs are including this feature now, removing the need for purchasing an add-on like this one.

Black & Decker Cordless Powered Hand Saw: Not.
Readers question a) whether vibration issues would plague this saw, b) whether the basic hand saw really needs power, and c) why a standard recip saw wouldn’t do any job this one could (and more).

A Cheap-Ass Pneumatic Planishing Hammer from HF: Hot.
Though everyone was wary of the hammer’s quality, almost everyone thought it’s worth a try for just $130.  Everyone also warned of noise issues; your neighbors are going to hate your ass if you use one of these.  But hey, that’s why you didn’t join the homeowner’s association, right?

We’ll have some more Hot or Not tools for you next week.  Thanks for weighing in with your ideas and experience!


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