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FoxNews.com included this piece yesterday from Jason Cameron, a contributing editor of Men’s Journal Magazine in which he “reveals the essential tools to satisfy your inner Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It!”

His list, in order:

  • Ridgid’s R2600 5-in Orbital Sander
  • Makita’s LST401 18V Lithium 4-Piece Combo Pack
  • Occidental Leather’s 9540 Adjustable Finisher Tool Belt
  • Ryobi’s AIRgrip MultiTask-it
  • Panasonic’s Cordless Drill & Driver
  • Stanley’s FatMax Xtreme Fubar

I’m not sure exactly how to take this list.  If it’s intended as a “tool kit,” it makes no sense at all.  The only hand tool in the list is the Fubar, which as cool as it is — and it’s very cool — isn’t something most homeowners’ll want to pick up as their only hand tool.

If the list is intended as a “new stuff you should have” list, I’d beg to differ with some of their choices.  There’s nothing wrong with RIDGID’s orbital sander, but again, is any orbital sander really at the top of a DIYers list?  Makita makes some great power tools, but if you’re buying a combo kit, you’ve got a lot to consider: What other tools do they offer?  What’s the future of the battery line?  Do you need the power they offer?  Competition’s hot in the combo kit market, and I’m not sure I’d recommend the Makita kit to everyone.

And is a tool belt really that important to DIYers?  While we’re at it, what makes the Panasonic drill/driver worth $300?  (Actually I can answer that questions a bit myself, but maybe Jason should let us in on it in the article.)

Sorry to rant, but this list looks pretty random to me.  Kinda like, “Here’s the last six things I heard about this week.”  Why does everyone seem to recommend tools as if everyone uses them in exactly the same way?


2 Responses to Fox News/Men’s Journal: Essential Tools

  1. kythri says:

    I’d rephrase “Here’s the last six things I heard about this week.”

    More appropriate would be “Here’s six things my editor told me I better find time to work into an article, because the manufacturers paid us, and even though we really know nothing about tools, we need to write about them as if we did!”

  2. Yep – Men’s Journal would appear to be another of those quasi-advertorial magazines with great big beautiful pictures of cool-looking stuff, accompanied by one-paragraph blurbs that sound plausible unless you actually know Fact One about the stuff they’re talking about, whereupon it becomes apparent that it’s often bullshit.

    I just looked at mensjournal.com and checked out their list of “the most innovative gear of the year”, which included a knife that’s alleged to be rust proof because it’s made from “nitrogen-based H-1 steel”.

    You’d think it’d be a bit of a bugger to have a knife that evaporated at 64 Kelvin, but apparently not.

    (It took me about 30 seconds on Wikipedia to learn that H1 steel is actually a low carbon, um, iron-based, steel, precipitation hardened with nitrogen. This was 30 seconds that the Men’s Journal writer apparently could not spare.)

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