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Recently I lamented about not being able to reach the back of an SUV’s engine compartment while standing on the ground.  While this isn’t a problem for some of you gargantuan mammoths, the rest of us average-sized dudes still can’t reach the distributor.  If the topside creeper was too big (and expensive) how about something a bit lower slung like the Wheel Step? 

It’s a step that hooks over the tire, adjusts to 3 heights, and holds up to 350 lbs.  It’ll fit any tire size from 14” to 20”, and unlike bigger systems the wheel step folds up and can be shoved out of the way pretty easily.

The only thing you might have to watch for: the metal down tubes might scratch the rims if they were big enough and you’ve got low-pro tires.

Sreet Pricing starts at $34.

Wheel Step [Tool Aid]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: The Wheel Step

  1. kythri says:


    Seems like something extremely handy for rooting around in a roof basket deal…

  2. kythri says:

    BTW: Is the 25 days of Fuego over? The banner is still up top.

    What’s the next contest?

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