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If a flatbed isn’t in the budget — or you don’t know anybody with one — then taking your lawn tractor somewhere in the truck can be quite a pain.  Either you’ve got a set of  ramps like these, or you have to ride the thing wherever you’re going.  If you’re planning on riding, make sure you bring a gas can.  And just forget getting a date.  Seriously, don’t ask. 

The Ramp Champs from highland are pretty inexpensive and will get your mower or ATV in the back of the truck in no time.  The ‘Champ is a folding composite/steel ramp that Highland says can support 750 lbs. per ramp, which is more than enough to support the load of most lawn tractors or ATV’s.  They also have a no-slip coating and raised edges to help keep everything headed in the right direction.

The only trouble might be loading a motorcycle, though the pictures show a Sportster sitting in the back of a truck, a Harley Fatboy with a rider might not fare so well, so be sure to check the weight before you get three feet in the air atop 800 lbs of hog iron.  Dropping a hog on yourself hurts.

Ramp Champ [Highland]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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