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Fender covers are a must if you’re working on a vehicle that you don’t want messed up when you’re finished.   They protect the wrench monkey (you) form doing harm to your ride.  Also, they make you look like a) you know what you’re doing and b) you give a damn about your paint.

Covers like these are made of thick leather-grain vinyl and are stuffed with a heavy-duty foam pad to guard damage from blunt objects mashed or dropped against the fender.  They also keep you from grinding grunge into the paint.

For a whopping $11 plus shipping fender guards are a not only a good way to go but a great way to save some agonizing over small dings and dents later on.  It’s a win all the way ’round.

The pictured set comes from Summit Racing, a mail-order shop we’ve had great personal experience with.

Fender Covers [Summit Racing]
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