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When I came across this photo today, it seemed to me that it brought forth all sorts of fun caption ideas — but I thought I’d let you get in on the fun as well.  In comments, drop us a caption for this photo.  We’ll pick our favorite sometime next week and send a small tool to the winner.

Here’s the photo in its original context.


20 Responses to Caption This Photo

  1. Thirty seconds later, OSHA showed up…

  2. MrWilliamWallace says:

    Queer Eye For The Tool Guy

  3. kythri says:

    Building our house…in the middle of the street.

  4. Lorenzo says:

    In the Alternative Fix It Group, there was only one real man… and he was already wearing a dress.

  5. James says:

    The Tool Quartet sticks to the standards

  6. Jan says:

    I am woman hear me drill….

  7. kythri says:

    “Is anybody watching? No? Good! Let’s shut her up for good!”

  8. Joe says:

    The oscars gift baskets get worse and worse every year

  9. Bowen says:

    Your wife called us. Step away from the deck and no one need get hurt.

  10. Jeff T says:

    “3 reasons to use cordless tools when you’re on a roof.”

  11. Chris Ball says:

    Fleetwood Mac almost broke up that day, fortunately a quick trip to the ER, some coke and all was forgotten (quite literally).

  12. CyberKender says:

    The new British group, Toolmonger, opened their first US tour today. The operatic vocals, combined with all-power tool instrumentals, is receiving mixed reviews from critics.

  13. ElSteve says:

    “Power Drills are cheap today, cheaper than yesterday..!”
    (sung to Puccini)

  14. marky says:

    Blood, Sweat & Sears

  15. Fong says:

    Doesn’t matter how big your power tools are boys, that man-eater will screw you all. RUN!

  16. EJG says:

    Gentlemen, start your engines!

  17. Brian C. says:

    “All Your Tools Are Belong To Us.”

  18. John says:

    One of these is *not* like the other. That’s right — the drill isn’t a cutting tool!

  19. Xaq Fixx says:

    Are we not men? We are DEVO!

  20. lou pastor says:


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