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When it comes to getting the project done in the eleventh hour we are the kings tools that aren’t really designed for the task at hand.  They come flying out of toolboxes (kitchen drawers, etc.) to attack whatever funky issue we’re currently facing — so we can go to freakin’ bed.  Or go out drinking.  Or play some Halo.  You get the idea.

So when we saw the Knipex plastic pipe cutter, it immediately struck us that it could be used for automotive wiring harness sheathing in a pinch. 

The plastic pipe cutter isn’t really much more than a razorblade with a ratcheting squeeze handle wrapped in a die-cast aluminum body, but that can be super useful if you are going to be wiring all day and cutting 6mm  – 35mm tubing or plastic pipe — like we were last week.

A utility knife would work, of course, but the plastic cutter might be a more controlled hack and slash job when laying upside-down under a vehicle.

Street pricing starts at $29.

Ratcheting Plastic Tube Cutter [Knipex]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. hjablomy says:

    not sure who is private-labeling who, but I use a model by HIT that is exactly the same.

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