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While pondering upcoming Toolmonger automotive projects today, our thoughts turned to tools we wish we could afford but can’t — specifically a power train lift.  If you’ve never used one of these, let me introduce you: Power train lift, these are Toolmongers.  Toolmongers, this is a device that significantly simplifies an engine swap — especially if the engine you’re swapping in doesn’t fit.  (And what better reason is there to do a swap in the first place?) 

OTC’s “Model 1595” can scissor-lift 2500 lbs. of drive train assembly (!) several feet into the air — all under the control of a hand-held remote that’s hooked to a 30 ft. long retractable extension cord.  The cord gets its own reel that’s mounted to the lift’s frame. 

The remote controls a 110V electric / hydraulic pump that silently moves the platform up and down without the user lifting anything except the remote — which is why we dig the unit so much.

When you consider the hefty $3500 price tag, practicality disappears for most DIYers.  But if you’re a Toolmonger with automotive fetishes, practical isn’t really the point, is it?

Model 1595 Power Train Lift [OTC Tools]
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