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In my book, lazy = creative.  Say, for instance, you don’t want to lift a 400 pound object and there isn’t anyone to sluff the labor off on help you.  You can either leave the heavy object where it is and get a beer, or you can get a chain hoist and move it. The cool thing about the CX mini hoist in particular is that it doesn’t weigh much more than a beer, yet it can lift up to 500 pounds.   Try that with a Dr. Pepper.

The CX mini also features a load limiter to prevent lifting over-capacity loads, an aluminum body with a steel frame for strength, a durable metal chain guide allowing for smooth operation, and a nickel-plated load chain with stainless steel hand chain.  It’s hot stuff in a small package.
The small size and relative power make it a good idea to have around when lifting light loads in high or difficult to reach places — or for light auto maintenance.

Street pricing starts at $210.

CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist [Harrington Hoists]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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