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Phillip writes: “Only the biggest Toolmongers have a set of these.”  And he’s correct.  Seriously — the three piece (single place setting) set above is made of 18/10 “drop forged” stainless steel and comes in a blow-molded “heavy duty” ABS plastic box.

Hey — you could put it right next to your Craftsman bottle cap wrench.

They’re $24 each from Wrenchware direct, which means a four-place setting’ll set you back just under $100 before tax/shipping.  This’d be sweet for BBQ.

Wrenchware [Corporate Site]


9 Responses to Wacky: Wrenchware

  1. Jay Kominek says:

    Bah, that knife is lame. It looks like the pliers on it don’t move. What good is that?

  2. James B says:

    Whatta bunch-o-lame-hippies. They don’t even list what size the wrench is on their web site. I mean I could see buying one if they fit something in the kitchen, but I’m not turning my silverware drawer into a tool box without knowing what size the wrenches are.

  3. Jeff T says:

    Now, what use would these really be? Like James says, the wrenches are just one (unknown) size! I could see getting a whole set of sizes, but even then, when are you going to want to use the same spoon you eat from to crack open your differential cover?

  4. I could see them being a hit with the camping or biking set, where every ounce counts and doubling up on handles for tools that aren’t likely to be needed at the same time makes sense. But yeah, without listing sizes or offering choices, they’re pure gimmick.

    Two words: Titanium spork.

  5. weldo says:

    Hey, are these metric or SAE?

  6. Trevor D. says:

    What, only a 6 and not a 12 point box end wrench? Pff.

  7. James B says:

    I’ve seen that uber-spork on ThinkGeek, and would definately rather have that than an overweight wrench spoon. The titanium spork is a marvel of simple industrial design. (sarcasm->) The wrenchware guys should sell a set of marked common sized wrenches. That way if you need to snug up the compression fitting on water supply, or tighten the nut on the blender blades, you can use your spoon and fork.

  8. Kim says:

    a time when something like this may have been useful. A bunch of carpenters were sitting around their tool boxes on a break drinking coffee. one carp sees a box wrench in another’s box, and goes, can i borrow this? (as was common on our work site), the owner of the wrench goes, yeah just put it back when you’re done. the carpenter who borrowed the tool proceeds to stir his coffee with the wrench, wipe it off on his pants and put the wrench away. needless to say we all burst into laughter. in a situation like that having this item may have been helpful!

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